Free medical charting with greater flexibility

EHR charting made easy with thousands of specialty-specific templates, web-based and optimized for your mobile device.

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Easy charting on any device

  • Hundreds of templates from our community library are available for use and customization.
  • Practice Fusion is ICD-10 ready and will support your practice through the transition.
  • Create dynamic input fields on template items with our Note Assist shortcuts.
  • Clinical decision support in your workflow helps you identify critical preventive care.
  • View a patient’s full history as you create any lab, imaging or medication orders.
  • Chart anywhere on your web-based EHR using any tablet or computer.
Fully customize your encounter notes.
Easily create and build online intake forms.

Paperless intake forms

With Practice Fusion’s free Online Check-In, there’s no need to manually enter patient intake information into your EHR — your intake forms will automatically flow directly into the patient’s chart note.

  • The intake forms for Online Check-In are easy to create and 100% customizable for your practice.
  • Demographic and insurance information is automatically reconciled as an EHR task and all other responses flow directly into the encounter note.
  • Your patients save time and report more accurate information by not having to complete paper forms in your waiting room, while your staff saves time by not having to scan or manually enter information into your EHR.

Chart faster with thousands of customizable templates

You need a faster way to chart, and Practice Fusion’s templates make sure you’re as efficient as possible. Our community template library has thousands of templates ready to go with clinical workflows for every specialty. Charting on your tablet will keep you mobile, and web-based access means you can finish your notes from anywhere.

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