Practice management and medical billing with your EHR

Nine out of 10 medical practices report that their billing system needs an upgrade. Start today with a free EHR and your choice of web-based billing partners.

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Upgrade your Medical Billing

Bill the way you want with a choice of flexible, affordable billing partners that connect seamlessly to your free EHR.

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Practice Fusion has been named one of the top cloud-based EHRs with an integrated billing solution by Brown-Wilson. If you’re part of the 87% of medical practices who want to upgrade their billing and collection systems we can help you get started today.

Bill the Way You Want with Practice Fusion

1. Connect with one of our preferred billing partners

We have partnered with some of the most popular and affordable web-based billing software solutions to bring you a streamlined billing experience in your EHR. When you connect your Practice Fusion account with one of our partners’ programs, you can seamlessly sync superbills with the click of a button. Set-up is simple inside the EHR: just click, configure and start billing. Learn more about connecting your Practice Fusion account with ADP Advanced MD, CollaborateMD and NueMD on our blog.

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2. Continue with your existing biller, billing service or billing software

Practice Fusion allows you to print, export, or securely send electronic superbills to your existing internal or external biller. No need to change any of your existing billing processes. With the superbill in our free EHR, you can improve the efficiency of your current system by eliminating the back and forth of paper superbills and phone calls with your biller.

3. Switch to one of our partner billing services

In addition to billing software choices, we also can also help you find a medical billing service that works with Practice Fusion. Contact us today to see if your revenue cycle management partner is already in our network or to learn about new billers in your area.

Not Sure Which Billing Option Is Best for Your Practice?

Our team has helped thousands of doctors select the right billing software or service partner for their practices. We can evaluate your needs and offer you a custom set of billing options to consider. Sign up for a free EHR account today to learn more.