Free patient portal (PHR)

Use Patient Fusion's patient portal to give patients access to their prescriptions, diagnoses, appointments, and more, so they can be more engaged with their health.

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Patient portal (PHR)

Patient Fusion’s patient portal (PHR) gives your patients access to their records at no cost. The patient portal will automatically update as you add information to their chart.

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“…[When patients] participate more actively in the process of medical care, we can create a new healthcare system with higher quality services, better outcomes, lower costs, fewer medical mistakes and happier, healthier patients.”
- Charles Safran, MD – President of the American Medical Informatics Association

Engage your patients

Help your patients play a more active role in their health care with our free patient portal. Giving patients access to their records can reduce staff work and call volume by answering your patients’ most common health questions, and takes only a moment to set up.

The patient portal gives patients their key information in one HIPAA-compliant location:

  • Lab results you share with them
  • Diagnoses, medications and immunization history
  • Appointments at your practice
  • Real-time updates to their medical records
  • A health spending tool to track expenses and bills

Your chart notes will not be shared, so you don’t have to be concerned about sharing sensitive information with patients.

The patient portal also allows you to exchange messages with your patients instantly, helping you to provide better continuity of care and follow up without the need for phone calls.