Free patient portal and personal health records (PHR)

Help your patients play a more active role in their health with free PHR access.

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Keep your patients informed

  • Instantly share lab results, medications, diagnoses, care plans, immunization history, and more.
  • Exchange secure messages with your patients instantly to reduce phone calls.
  • Allow patients to complete customizable intake forms prior to their appointment with Online Check-In.
  • Successfully meet and attest for Meaningful Use measures.
  • The patient portal is free for your practice and your patients, and it only takes a moment to set up.
Communicate with your patients using a free patient portal.

“…[When patients] participate more actively in the process of medical care, we can create a new healthcare system with higher quality services, better outcomes, lower costs, fewer medical mistakes and happier, healthier patients.”

Engage your patients and save staff time with a free, online patient portal (PHR)

Help your patients play a more active role in their health care with our free patient portal. With lab results and medication instructions in hand, patients can stay on top of your treatment plan without needing to call your practice, saving your staff time.

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