Lab and Imaging integrations

Submit lab and imaging orders faster and receive results directly in your patient's chart.

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Connect your labs and imaging centers

An ordering workflow that’s simpler than paper

Request lab and imaging tests from your patient’s chart
Complete orders directly from your EHR and save frequently used tests as a template to quickly re-order in the future.

Electronically track order fulfillment
View a collated list of all orders and results to easily monitor patient adherence and track care longitudinally.

collated list of lab orders



patient profile

Smart results that are instantly shareable

Receive results directly in your EHR
Get structured results directly in your patient’s chart with abnormal results flagged to help you identify care needs.

Share results with patients
Share results with patients via the patient portal to cut down on follow-up calls and easily meet Meaningful Use measures.

Send results to your referral network
Electronically share your patient’s lab and imaging results, structured clinical data, and chart notes to any provider in the U.S.



As far as entering the tests that I want and entering the correct diagnoses and getting the results back, it can’t get any simpler than what I’m doing.          

– Dr. Singleton, MD

Streamline your ordering with cloud-based integrations

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