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Stay on the leading edge of care through the cloud

With no software to download or hardware to manage, your cloud-based EHR is always up to date —
helping you stay current in a continuously changing clinical landscape.


Coordinate patient care with a unified practice management system

Consolidate provider and staff responsibilities with a comprehensive system that organizes patient information before, during and after the visit.


Save time with a clinical workflows tailored to your needs

Your EHR comes with a free library of customizable charting templates so you can quickly e-prescribe, send lab and imaging orders, and instantly share results right from your patient’s electronic health record.


Get support from a dedicated success team

Receive help from experts who’ll guide you through implementation, patient import, billing selection, and overall EHR use — you’ll never have to wait or pay to get the support you deserve.


See why we’re ranked #1 in more categories than any other EHR

Our industry-leading platform was developed with feedback from over 150,000 medical professionals, and as a result we’ve been recognized as the #1 EHR for Overall Performance, Reliability, Support and Customer care, and more!

I was on paternity leave with a baby asleep on my chest and thought I would check it out. I was literally signed up and going with a living support person within an hour. And it makes it easy for me to remember how long PF has been in the office – the exact same as my youngest son – five years next week! I could also play up how it allows me to come home early, be with my family, put them to bed then work a little to finish things up – when before I had to finish my work and then come home – my dad was home after 7:30 every night when I was a kid as was I before we went with PF. And there [is] all the time on weekends. I get to be home so much more for my kids because of Practice Fusion’s cloud based solution using AWS.

— Angus Matheson, M.D.

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