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Practice Fusion provides a customizable EHR fit for psychiatric practices. Track patient health with customizable flowsheets and coordinate care with the largest lab, imaging, pharmacy and referral ecosystem. Your ability to customize to your specific practice workflow makes Practice Fusion a great choice for any internal medicine practice.

Moataz Giurgius, MD

Dr. Giurgius was hesitant to go digital with his Los Angeles psychiatry practice—until Practice Fusion and his son Shadee helped him make the switch.

A quick, sneaky switch

Shadee Giurgius knew that the only way to get his dad to go digital was to do it himself: “How did I convince my Dad, who has been practicing on paper for the past 20 years? Well, he came into the office one day—and I had Practice Fusion set up behind his back!”

Getting comfortable with digital

Computer skills come naturally to Shadee, but there was more of a learning curve for Dr. Giurgius. “It was a transition to have him let go of paper,” said Shadee. “But after I helped him to learn the templates, I got a scanner and we started to digitize the past 10 years. At last count we digitized 3120 charts!”

Phenomenal Support

“I’m starting medical school this fall and I’m happy and relieved to be leaving my dad’s practice digitized. But not only digitized—in good hands. I know Practice Fusion is going to support him and his office manager if they have any questions. It’s a good feeling.”

A proud father

While helping his dad go digital and starting medical school, Shadee also had the honor of being recognized by the President at a University of Iowa event – getting his white coat signed by the Commander in Chief himself. Practice Fusion wishes the best of luck to this bright future doctor and health technology pioneer!

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Dr. Giurgius was hesitant to go digital with his Los Angeles psychiatry practice, until Practice Fusion and his son Shadee helped him make the switch.

Moataz Giurgius, MD

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