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Practice Fusion · Nov 16, 2015

Prior authorizations just got easier

Still faxing your PAs? You can now manage prior authorizations from your EHR. Save your front office from the unnecessary back-and-forth communication with pharmacies and health plans and help your patients get their medication faster.

Save your front office up to 20 hours a week

Studies show that providers and staff spend over 20 hours a week completing paper prior authorizations. Administrative complications and delayed authorizations can prevent up to 70% of patients from receiving the treatment their provider originally ordered 1.

As part of our continued effort to help improve the efficiency of your practice, we’ve digitized the prior authorization process. Providers can now complete 11 electronic PAs in the time it takes to fax just one.

Submitting prior authorizations electronically will help you:

  • Save time with pre-populated forms complete with up-to-date patient and practice information from your EHR.
  • Track the status of your prior authorizations once they’ve been submitted to a health plan.
  • Reduce prescription delays and increase medication adherence among your patient population.

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Get started with electronic prior authorizations

Similar to refill requests, your connected pharmacies will now deliver prior authorization requests electronically to expedite processing.

Here’s how it works:

  1. When e-prescribing, the provider will be automatically notified if our system indicates that the medication brand may require a prior authorization.
  2. To manage your prior authorizations navigate to the Reports section of your EHR and select Prior authorizations. Complete prior authorizations within 24 hours of submitting a medication order to expedite processing and get your patients on treatment.Prior authorizations reports
  3. If a required prior authorization isn’t listed, click Create Prior Authorization to initiate one.

Your practice, and your patients, shouldn’t be burdened with the delays that come with faxing prior authorizations. Electronic PAs help make sure they aren’t.

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1 FrostSullivan Study, The Impact of the Prior Authorization Process on Branded Medications