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Practice Fusion · Feb 26, 2015

Experience our new electronic ordering

With our improved lab and imaging ordering, you can quickly place orders and receive structured results all within your EHR. Our easy-to-use ordering interface allows you to create new ICD-10 ready orders while better tracking patient progress. Take advantage of our 600+ lab and imaging partners to improve practice efficiency and gain a deeper digital view of your patients’ health.

To prepare your practice, visit our Knowledge Base to review how to create a lab order.

Make ordering simple and efficient

The lab and imaging ordering interface allows you to place orders quickly, right from the patient’s chart. You can start an order during the visit and save it for completion later, or delegate the order as a Task to another staff member for completion. Ordering in Practice Fusion offers many time saving features:

  • Place an order right from the patient chart with a workflow that’s simpler than paper.
  • Any test or set of tests can be saved as a template for future use, allowing you to quickly reorder a frequently used panel.

Drive better patient care

Instead of manually tracking patient orders and results, you can now see them in one accessible location in the patient chart. Easier access to all relevant patient information helps inform your care decisions to support better outcomes.

  • Instead of manually tracking patient orders and results, you can now see them in one accessible location in the patient chart.
  • View which orders haven’t been completed to help track patient adherence.
  • Display a list of all past orders or results received to inform your order and support patient care decisions.

How to start an order from a patient’s chart:

In your EHR select Add lab order from the Actions drop-down menu:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to request any additional access for ordering if my EHR is already receiving results from my preferred labs and imaging centers?

If your practice is already receiving results, electronic ordering will be automatically enabled once your lab or imaging partner adds it. If you’d like to request electronic ordering, please reach out to your lab or imaging center and let them know.

How do I connect to a lab or imaging center that is set up with electronic ordering?

Click the Labs or Imaging dashboard tile and look under Connection to see if the lab is set up for electronic ordering.


To learn more about connecting your existing lab and imaging accounts or how to sign up for a new lab from our nationwide registry, click here.

Once I place my order how do I get my results back?

Once your Practice Fusion account has been integrated with your laboratory, you’ll be able to receive lab results directly in your Practice Fusion EHR. Depending on the lab with which you’re integrated, Structured results will begin appearing in the Labs/Imaging section of your account. Click here to learn how to view result in the EHR.

What if you don’t have my lab or imaging center?

We’re rapidly connecting new imaging centers across the country to better serve all our doctors’ needs. If you don’t see your imaging center of choice, let us know and we’ll work to integrate them. Request your lab or imaging center directly within your EHR.

Learn more about the benefits of electronic lab ordering

Visit our resource center to explore all the ways electronic ordering can streamline your practice’s lab workflows, and learn how to easily request electronic ordering with a lab.

Learn all the ways ordering in your EHR can help your practice by attending a free webinar. Attend a webinar

You can also read our guide on lab ordering to get the most out of your EHR. Spending 10 minutes with this guide can save you up to 8 hours every week.