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Connect with one of our 600+ lab and imaging partners to enable:

  • Elimination of lost orders and double-entry.
  • Ordering that’s faster than paper or alternate systems.
  • Easy test tracking that automatically flags abnormal values.
  • A consolidated list of all orders and results in a single record.

“As far as entering the lab orders I want, adding correct diagnoses and getting results back, it can’t get any simpler than ordering with Practice Fusion.”

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Learn how to save up to 8 hours a week in administration time by connecting your labs and setting up templates. Receive free training from our product experts and have all your questions answered.

Make lab ordering simple and efficient with templates

Easily create and save frequently ordered lab panels as templates for easy selection later. Templates allow you to quickly:

  • Order common tests such as A1C, CBC, and more.
  • Create personal templates or shared panels for your entire practice to use.
  • Reduce clicks by automatically populating related diagnoses and tests.

Learn how to create and edit ordering templates »

lab images

Easily create and save lab templates for faster ordering.


Next steps to get the most out of your EHR:

  • Easily track lab trends over time with Flowsheets
    Quickly access all historic lab results during an encounter on one intuitive screen with abnormal results flagged to quickly identify care needs.

  • Run your office smoothly and collaborate on patient care
    Send a message directly from a lab result to staff, nurses, and physicians with secure messaging.
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  • Engage your patients and keep them informed
    Share results with patients via the patient portal to cut down on follow-up calls and easily meet Meaningful Use measures.
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  • Make sure your patients get the follow up care they need
    Electronically share your patient’s lab orders and imaging results, structured clinical data and chart notes to any provider in the U.S. and make sure your patients get the follow up care they need with your referrals.
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