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  • · June 27, 2022

    Easy-to-Use, Intuitive EHR Designed for Independent Providers Like You

    At Practice Fusion, we know firsthand the challenges faced by independent physicians. That’s why we offer an electronic health record (EHR) solution tailored to the independent physician’s needs; a solution specifically designed to support your independent practice. Our industry-leading platform was developed utilizing feedback from...


  • · May 10, 2022

    Four ways electronic health records can support value-based care

    patient talking to his doctor

    Value-based care—care reimbursed based on patient outcomes and care experience rather than the volume of care delivered—is becoming an increasingly common reimbursement method in U.S. healthcare. The trend is expected to continue. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) Innovation Center recently announced plans to...


  • · April 29, 2022

    Benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring for your independent practice

    patient taking her blood pressure with laptop in front of her talking to her doctor

    In the first article in our Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) blog series, we examined how the COVID-19 pandemic has led providers to extend the practice of telemedicine beyond audio and video consultations to include RPM. RPM, the use of technology to capture and record patients’...


  • · April 13, 2022

    Expand your telemedicine practice with Remote Patient Monitoring

    patient looking at an ipad screen talking to her doctor with remote patient monitoring tools hooked up

    The COVID-19 pandemic led to the exploration of numerous novel health technologies, of which telemedicine played a central role. Now, continuing technological advances allow providers to extend telemedicine beyond audio and video consultations to the field of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM).


  • · March 18, 2022

    Helping your patients with chronic conditions during COVID-19

    patient speaking to a doctor on ipad

    The COVID-19 pandemic has caused enormous hardships for our communities, with more than 900,000 lives lost since its beginning. COVID-19 has had an especially profound impact on those with chronic diseases. Many chronic conditions increase the risk of severe illness, including heart disease, diabetes, cancer,...