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  • Cheryl Reifsnyder, PhD and Katie Wilson · December 21, 2023

    Be Prepared for MIPS PY 2023: Four Steps to Pain-Free Reporting


    The Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) was designed to tie Medicare payments to quality and cost-effective care, to drive improvement in care processes and health outcomes; increase the use of healthcare information; and reduce healthcare costs. Data are collected in 4 performance categories and used...


  • · December 12, 2023

    Revolutionizing Independent Healthcare: Dr. Sadel's Journey with Practice Fusion

    In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, independent providers face unique challenges. Dr. Sadel, an independent healthcare provider in Southampton, PA, sheds light on his transformative journey with Practice Fusion.


  • Cheryl Reifsnyder, PhD and Sara Fletcher · August 23, 2023

    How to Choose the Right Billing Service for Your Medical Practice


    Medical billing is the process of submitting claims for the services you provide to patients and then following up on those claims. A medical practice needs strong medical billing processes to stay financially healthy. This is especially true in the current financial environment, highlighted by...


  • Practice Fusion · July 13, 2023

    How to Meet Practice KPIs and Keep Your Independent Practice Thriving


    Independent physician practices are an important element of the U.S. healthcare system. They provide a source of timely preventative care, helping to manage both patients’ acute and chronic conditions. They strive to help patients avoid hospitalizations.


  • Cheryl Reifsnyder, PhD and Sara Fletcher · July 7, 2023

    5 Benefits of Using Practice Fusion Billing Services for Your Medical Practice


    In 2023, independent medical practices are facing an increasing number of challenges. On the financial front, medical practices experienced consistently negative operating margins in 2022, resulting from low patient volumes, revenue decreases, and high expenses. Data from Deloitte shows median operating margins down by 46%...