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Practice Fusion · Jan 7, 2015

Get ready for I-STOP and electronic prescribing for controlled substances

The New York State I-STOP mandate requires electronic prescribing for all types of non-controlled and controlled substances (EPCS) by March 27, 2016 .Currently, we’re ready for all New York providers to meet the requirements of I-STOP. We’re committed to your success with I-STOP and we have successfully delivered an EPCS system that’s:

  1. Fully integrated with your EHR and meets the requirements of I-STOP.

  2. Enabled through an enhanced sign up process with streamlined identity verification.

  3. Ensured with two-factor authentication for each electronically prescribed controlled substance

  4. Providing e-prescribing for all controlled and non-controlled substances.

Here’s how you can get ready

Enable e-prescribing

Before your account can be enabled for EPCS, you’ll need to sign up for e-prescribing. The process is easy, only takes a few minutes to complete. Plus once you’re e-prescribing through Practice Fusion you’re already meeting I-STOP’s requirement to e-prescribe controlled substances.

Enable e-prescribing »

Check your EHR user settings

DEA EPCS regulation requires your account to have at least one user that’s not the DEA-registered prescriber to have administrator-level permissions.

Add an administrator »

Make sure you have a valid DEA number

A valid DEA registration number provides authorization for a health care provider to write prescriptions for controlled substances. If you don’t have a DEA number, you can apply for one through the DEA website.

Apply for a DEA number »

Ensure you have access to your HCS account

New York prescribers have been required to consult the Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) Registry when writing a prescription for a Schedule II, III and IV controlled substance since August 27, 2013. In order to consult the PMP, prescribers must have a health commerce system (HCS) account. If you haven’t already, you can apply for an HCS account online through the New York State Department of Health.

Apply for an account »

Have a smartphone

You’ll need to complete two-factor authentication for each prescription of a controlled substance using a smartphone.