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Practice Fusion · Feb 18, 2016

New York Registration for Official Prescriptions and e-Prescribing Systems (ROPES)

ROPES is the online application health care providers submit in order to renew registrations for the Official Prescription Program (OPP), or to renew registrations for the OPP AND register certified electronic prescribing controlled substances (EPCS) software. All ROPES renewals and registrations must be completed online with a New York State Health Commerce System (HCS) account. Only one account per user is necessary to access the HCS. (HCS account application instructions).

Before beginning ROPES, make sure to complete the following EPCS requirements using Practice Fusion’s EHR:

  1. Obtain a DEA number.

  2. Enable e-prescribing.

  3. Activate e-prescribing for controlled substances.

  4. Register for an OPP account by submitting registration form DOH-4329 to the Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement (BNE) (if you haven’t previously registered with OPP).

You can use Practice Fusion’s certified EPCS system and NY EPCS guide to help make sure you’re ready to access ROPES. Once you obtain an HCS account and complete all necessary EPCS requirements, you may access ROPES by:

  1. Logging in to the Health Commerce System.

  2. Selecting “My Content” at the top of the page.

  3. Scrolling down and selecting “All Applications”.

  4. Scrolling over and selecting “R”.

  5. Scrolling down and selecting ROPES.



Q: Who can access ROPES?

A: Only practitioners can access ROPES. No one else can do so on their behalf.

Q: Can all practitioners access ROPES?

A: Access to ROPES is ONLY for those practitioners who:

• Have already registered with the Official Prescription Program (OPP) and

• Have an active DEA registration and

• Have an active NYS license and

• Are not a registered physician assistant (PA)

Q: How can PAs submit OPP registrations and renewals?

A: Since access to ROPES is limited to practitioners, registered physician assistants must continue to submit the OPP Registration Form (DOH-4329) along with the PA Authorization Form (DOH-5054) to renew their OPP registration.

Q: What if I never write prescriptions for controlled substances?

A: Although your system doesn’t have to be certified for EPCS if you don’t write prescriptions for controlled substances, you’re still required to use a certified e-prescribing system for the prescription of non-controlled substances that meets all applicable rules and regulations.

Q: If a practitioner recently renewed their OPP registration using the DOH-4329 form, is an electronic renewal still required prior to registering EPCS software?

A: Yes. The practitioner will be required to renew his/her OPP registration again online before registering their EPCS software within ROPES.

Q: If a practitioner recently renewed their OPP registration using the DOH-4329 form and isn’t registering their EPCS software, is an electronic renewal required as well?

A: No. An electronic renewal isn’t required in this case.

Q: Can a practitioner register their EPCS software without renewing their OPP registration?

A: No. In order to register or modify any certified EPCS software applications, practitioners will be required to update/certify their OPP registration. OPP registration renewal is a one-step process that extends the renewal date for two years.

Q: How does a practitioner update inaccurate DEA/OPP/NYS license information in ROPES?

A: To address any inaccuracies with your address and DEA registration, you should contact the DEA at 877-883-5789. To address any inaccuracies with your NYS license, you should contact the State Education Department at 518-474-3817, ext. 150. To inquire about your OPP registration information, you should contact the OPP Registration Unit at or 1-866-811-7957 (Option 1).

Q: What information is required from a practitioner to register the certified EPCS software application(s) in ROPES?

A: Practitioners must provide the following information:

• Practitioner’s email address.

• Practitioner’s telephone number.

• Name of the company providing the certified EPCS software application.

• Name of the certified EPCS software application.

• Version number of the certified EPCS software application.

Q: Can a practitioner remove EPCS software previously registered in ROPES that he/she is no longer using?

A: Yes. The ROPES application provides the ability to remove a certified EPCS software application by checking the “Remove” box provided on the EPCS Registration screen.

For more information, please consult the New York State Department of Health EPCS ROPES guide.