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Practice Fusion · Jul 19, 2017

New webinar: Tracking your progress with value-based care programs

Participation in value-based care programs such as the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) this year may have a significant impact on your practice’s business and economic future. Attend a free webinar to learn how your Practice Fusion EHR can help you track your progress with MIPS and other value-based care programs in 2017. The webinar will explore how you can use your MIPS Dashboard,

eCQM Dashboard, and other resources to understand your participation data and track your progress.

Through this webinar you’ll learn how to:

  • Understand your value-based care dashboards. Get an overview of your MIPS Dashboard and eCQM Dashboard and how you can use them to help you succeed in value-based care programs.
  • Track your progress with MIPS and other programs. Learn how to use your EHR dashboards to select the activities and measures that are most meaningful to your practice, then track your participation.
  • Develop a strategy to increase your performance. Our Knowledge Base contains a number of step-by-step guides and other resources that can help you ensure that your dashboards accurately reflect your participation and performance results.

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2017 MIPS Dashboard

Access your 2017 MIPS Dashboard

The MIPS Dashboard helps make it easy to track your progress under all three MIPS performance categories for the 2017 reporting year.

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eCQM dashboard

Access your 2017 eCQM Dashboard

As an intuitive hub for quality measure tracking, the new eCQM Dashboard will allow you to monitor your progress for participating in multiple quality programs, including:

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