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Contributing Writer · Apr 1, 2011

Top 5 Healthcare Information Infographics

  1. Why the healthcare sector needs EMRs to provide better care to patients, make doctors’ lives easier and improve the quality of public care. Plus, the voiceover has some neat Australian accents, ey mate!

  2. Practice Fusion’s “The State of the Small Practice Survey and Infographic”
    Obviously all Practice Fusion infographics rate number one in my heart, but as a blogger it is my duty to try and have an unbiased opinion… ok well, I had to put in my favorite! This study revealed the “unhealthy” state of healthcare and the prices docs are paying to adhere to the ever-changing world of technology. Designed to look like a paper chart this infographic is so eye-catching you even catch coffee stains.

  3. Electronic Medical Records vs. Paper
    With the emergence of EMRs, doctors who are wary of going digital stand at a fork in the road: they can go the complicated and bumpy and sometimes even deadly route of paper, or the smooth EMR ride. This infographic takes you on the twists and turns of the EMR vs. paper records.

  4. The Cost of World Health-
    Healthcare reform is a never-ending debate, but the exorbitant costs of healthcare across the globe seem to be a luxury rather than an affordable necessity. This infographic shows some surprising statistics including the scary fact that we pay more than 10 times more for healthcare than those living in Turkey.

  5. The e-patient by
    Broken down by gender, this infographic maps out who and what people are searching for online and why. Personal Health Records like Patient Fusion, are all about empowering the patient to take control of their health. This shows how US e-patients are doing just that.

Shea Steinberg
Jr. Social Media Specialist
Practice Fusion EHR