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Tom Langan, CEO · May 23, 2017

Supporting your success with value-based care in 2017 and beyond

It’s no secret that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and commercial payers are moving providers towards value-based payment models and the shift continues to gain momentum. In fact, CMS reached its goal of having 30% of Medicare beneficiaries under value-based reimbursement programs earlier than expected and continues to push towards the goal of having 90% of Medicare payments tied to quality by 2018.

While this is clearly a time of transition, it’s also a time of opportunity. At no other point has there been a greater need for independent practices and health IT vendors to work together to help ensure that all clinicians can seamlessly participate in value-based care while delivering the best possible outcomes for patients.

This new reimbursement framework is both exciting and uncertain for many providers. To meet the new requirements of value-based programs and take advantage of the potential upside for providers, you need to have the right support. That’s where we come in. We’ll help educate you on your options and provide tools that can help you seamlessly participate. Below are just some of the ways we’re here to help you with value-based care in 2017 and beyond.

Practice Fusion is working to obtain 2015 Edition ONC Certification

Practice Fusion is working to obtain 2015 Edition ONC Certification by the end of this year. Using an EHR that has received 2015 Edition ONC Certification is a foundational requirement for clinicians participating in many value-based reimbursement programs in 2018 and beyond.

In 2017, you can still participate in a broad range of programs using your 2014 Edition ONC Certified EHR, including the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), CPC+, and Medicaid Meaningful Use.

New upgrades and other resources are coming to help you track your quality measures

You’ll see upgrades to your EHR and additional resources to help you in the transition to value-based reimbursement throughout this year. For example, beginning this week you’ll be able to track your progress on certain quality measures through use of the new eCQM dashboard in your EHR. The measures tracked in the eCQM dashboard can help you participate in programs such as MIPS, CPC+, and Medicaid Meaningful Use. Later this year, we also plan on adding a new dashboard in the EHR to help support participation in MIPS. This new dashboard will help make it easier to track your participation and performance on a daily basis.

Along with upgrades, we will continue to provide education and resources regarding value-based programs. As always, we’re also here to help with one on one support when you need it.

We will continue to support the way you practice medicine

Small and independent practices are the cornerstone of the U.S. healthcare system, helping to deliver high quality care at a lower cost. During this transition to value-based payments, Practice Fusion is committed to helping you to not only excel in quality programs under the new framework, but also to continuing to support the way you practice medicine. We look forward to helping you and your practice succeed with value-based care and to assisting with making the shift an easier experience for both you and your patients.


Tom Langan, CEO of Practice Fusion