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Practice Fusion · Aug 10, 2017

Latest SK&A Data: Practice Fusion Leads in Scale and Reach

SK&A’s recent industry market insights report on physician usage of Electronic Health Records (EHR) has some vital stats that can be used to support independent practices’ decision to move to a cloud-based EHR. For example, 67.4% of physicians have adopted an EHR in their practice1.

SKA 2017 U.S. ambulatory EHR healthcare market

The report also shows that Practice Fusion is the fourth largest ambulatory EHR vendor in the country, with 6.34% share of the U.S. ambulatory healthcare market.

Not all EHRs are the same. While the majority of EHRs continue to rely on outdated on-premise, server-based technology, Practice Fusion’s EHR is 100% cloud-based. This innovation has allowed us to grow quickly with healthcare providers and to become the leading cloud-based EHR in the U.S.

What this means for physicians is that they get a single and reliable instance of their EHR to manage their practice and patients’ health from anywhere.

SKA 2017 U.S. Data Statistics

  1. SK&A. Physician Office Usage of Electronic Health Records Software Market Insights Report. March 2017