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Practice Fusion · May 16, 2013

Record Allergies Without the Headaches

You’ll see new changes to your allergies and insurance workflow in your EHR today!

Record allergies without the headaches

Based on feedback we gathered from dozens of users, we built a simpler allergies solution—so you don’t have to waste time logging unnecessary information.

Start from the Allergies section of a patient’s chart or by clicking Add Allergy from a SOAP note. Select the allergen type (food, drug or environmental) and search for your allergy from the new search screen.

The allergy details screen includes some new functionality:

  • Easy selection for Severity with graphical buttons
  • The ability to select multiple reactions (including ‘Unknown’) with type-ahead search
  • A back button so you can change the selected allergy

All fields except Severity will be optional so you only have to record the information you need (Severity is required for drug-allergy alerts). We will also remove the Location option in response to feedback from users that this field is not useful to them.

We’ll also improve your allergy search functionality, with more food and environmental allergies as well as the new ability to select drug classes instead of individual drugs. Watch out for more information!

Seamlessly add new insurance

The insurance payer list is now cleaner, with easy type-ahead smart search functionality to easily find payer and plan names—for example, find ‘Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona’ by typing ‘Blue Arizona’. Plan names will also include address.

In your practice Payer List, we reduced duplicate payer, plan and address entries. For easier reference you will see address information alongside each payer / plan entry. To further clean up your list, inactive payers will be hidden—they can be shown by clicking the ‘Show inactive payers’ checkbox at the top. To make it easier to manage this list, administrator rights will no longer be required to edit or add entries.

Adding a new payer to a patient’s chart is easier than ever with a new, condensed Add insurance screen. We’ve combined the ‘Advanced edit’ options into three tabs in your add insurance dialog box—Payer, Employer and Subscriber, and the Group ID field has been added to the Payer tab for easier access.

Other changes

You’ll also see a new and improved Knowledgebase next time you need assistance with anything in your EHR! We’ve redesigned it and made it easier to use so you can get your EHR questions answered even more rapidly.

Finally, to ensure a more seamless billing experience and make your patient management easy, PRN numbers are now automatically generated for you when creating a superbill if the patient doesn’t have one recorded already (these can be changed manually).