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Practice Fusion · May 31, 2018

Practice Fusion expands EPCS availability

We are excited to announce that e-prescribing for controlled substances (EPCS) is available for Practice Fusion customers across the country.

What is EPCS?

E-Prescribing of controlled substances, or EPCS, is the electronic transmission of a prescription for controlled substance to a pharmacy. In 2010, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) revised its regulations to give health care providers the choice of writing prescriptions for controlled substances via paper or through a certified electronic system. Practice Fusion’s EPCS module is certified and meets all DEA requirements.

Starting the EPCS Activation Process*

As the EPCS activation process may take weeks, we recommend starting as early as possible. Prior to beginning the process, please confirm you:

  1. Have a Practice Fusion subscription account. Sign up now!
  2. Are enabled for e-prescribing
  3. Have a smartphone that you will be able to access when prescribing controlled substances
  4. Have an additional Practice Fusion administrator other than yourself. Please Note: After completing the instructions outlined below, the administrator will need to follow the steps outlined here.

*If your practice is in New York state, review our I-STOP resource prior to beginning the EPCS process.

Alabama - AL Louisiana - LA Oklahoma - OK
Alaska - AK Maine - ME Oregon - OR
Arizona - AZ Maryland - MD Pennsylvania - PA
Arkansas - AR Massachusetts - MA Rhode Island - RI
California - CA Michigan - MI South Carolina - SC
Colorado - CO Minnesota - MN South Dakota - SD
Connecticut - CT Mississippi - MS Tennessee - TN
Delaware - DE Missouri - MO Texas - TX
District of Columbia - DC Montana - MT Utah - UT
Florida - FL Nebraska - NE Vermont - VT
Georgia - GA Nevada - NV Virginia - VA
Hawaii - HI New Hampshire - NH Washington - WA
Idaho - ID New Jersey - NJ West Virginia - WV
Illinois - IL New Mexico - NM Wisconsin - WI
Indiana - IN New York - NY Wyoming - WY
Iowa - IA North Carolina - NC  
Kansas - KS North Dakota - ND  
Kentucky - KY Ohio - OH  

EPCS is just one of the many new features available to Practice Fusion subscribers.