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Andrew Montalvo · May 16, 2017

New webinar: 10 EHR efficiency tips from the experts

Whether you’ve been using your EHR for years or just getting started there are a number of EHR tips that can make your entire practice more efficient. Join for a live webinar where I’ll cover the top 10 tips from the experts to save you time and make every day a little easier. This webinar is available to your entire practice and contains helpful information for front office staff, clinical staff, providers, and office administrators. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions at the end.

The webinar will explore a number of techniques implemented by top practices, including:

  • Creating customized intake forms
  • Allowing patients to sign forms online
  • Advanced template techniques
  • Import historical prescriptions via Prescription History
  • Care plans shared via the Patient Portal

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Looking forward to your attendance!