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Practice Fusion · Mar 19, 2014

EHR feature: Use your patient portal to achieve Meaningful Use

We just made it easier for your patients to access their health records and register for their patient portal (PHR). Previously you needed to provide an enrollment PIN to your patient during a visit—a process that many found to be cumbersome. Your patients can now seamlessly access their portal, helping you to increase patient engagement and meet key Meaningful Use measures.

Now patients will be able to access their records and messages you send them using a secure online verification, without requiring you to manually give them a PIN in your office. Just make sure your patient records include their phone number and their email, which are two requirements for our new online verification process. If a phone number isn’t available for a patient, they will still be able to register if you have provided them a PIN.

You will continue to enroll a patient from the Patient Actions dropdown. Simply review the information on the screen, then click Enroll. If you have a home or mobile phone number recorded for your patient from the Basic section of their chart, they will be able to verify their identity using a security code sent to their phone by text or voice message.

To make the most of this feature and make patient engagement and challenging Meaningful Use requirements easier:

In a few weeks, we’ll make it even simpler by allowing you to automatically enable your patients to access their records without having to provide access manually. If you still want to provide access on a case-by-case basis, you will be able to opt-out and provide that access individually.

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