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Patrick Morrow · Jun 7, 2016

It’s the (design) principle of the thing.

Design principles are a set of foundational criteria that describe an approach to design. Used together with design guidelines, they are used as a source of truth during the design process and they steer designers towards creating user-focused, functional, and engaging products.

What are Practice Fusion’s design principles? Three words: Simple. Focused. Trusted.


Products must be easy to understand and use. This is achieved by reducing cognitive load, providing contextual relevance and timing, and streamlining routine interactions.



Designers must strive to direct attention and effort in products. User needs must be anticipated where possible, only contextually relevant information must be displayed, and interactions must be succinct.



Products must inspire confidence and be reliable. The experience of using a product should match the user’s expectations and be consistent, approachable and professional.

These principles are used by Practice Fusion to inform all aspects of our products’ design: interaction patterns, visual balance and hierarchy, color palettes, scale, harmony, font selection, proportion, legibility, emphasis, contrast. When we think about design, we think first about our principles.

Simple really.