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A Clinician’s Perspective on Reducing Clinician Burnout

Anyone who has practiced as a healthcare professional in the U.S. has experienced burnout to one degree or another. As a pharmacist, I have experienced it myself, many times. In today’s healthcare environment, every clinician is a potential candidate for burnout. And the implications of burnout go beyond clinical satisfaction. Healthcare businesses are seeing complex issues arise from the effects of burnout, and these can have impact on patient care. The obvious question is “what is being done about it?”

Once this phenomenon went largely under the radar, but today burnout is seen on one of the most prominent challenges in healthcare, and as a result it is getting the attention it deserves from stakeholders across the healthcare system - and real progress being made to meet these challenges. With clinicians spending huge portions of every day interfacing with their electronic health record software, one opportunity with great potential is to improve the electronic health record with enhancements designed specifically to reduce burnout.

A new report on clinician burnout, authored by a cross-functional team of clinical professionals at Veradigm, examines the causes of burnout, as well as the impact it has on clinicians and care. As you may know, Practice Fusion is a part of Veradigm. The report goes into detail on how Veradigm has used customer feedback and up-to-date medical literature resources to improve and enhance the Practice Fusion EHR experience for clinicians. Through initiatives such as the Helper Philosophy, Veradigm is able to suggest techniques and workflows that can assist clinicians to help reduce the likeliness of clinician burnout.

Click below to access this report and read how Veradigm and Practice Fusion are delivering solutions to help relieve some of the stressors and daily nuisances that contribute to burnout. With a little help from Veradigm, clinicians at your practice can improve quality of their lives in and outside the practice, while enhancing the quality and efficiency of care for your patients at the same time.

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