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Practice Fusion - page 3

Practice Fusion - page 3

Practice Fusion is the #1 cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) platform for doctors and patients in the U.S., with a mission of connecting doctors, patients and data to drive better health and save lives. As the largest cloud-based EHR and the fourth largest EHR overall1, Practice Fusion is helping to reshape the future of healthcare.

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  • Practice Fusion · September 24, 2019

    Tranforming Health, Insightfully.

    Health IT week is all about celebrating and reflecting on how technology is driving transformations in healthcare delivery. Practice Fusion is a brand of Veradigm and Veradigm is working daily to transform health, insightfully. For Practice Fusion users, this means gaining access to services that...


  • Practice Fusion · September 18, 2019

    3 Reasons Why You Need ePrior Authorization

    Top Reasons Your Practice Needs to Implement ePrior Authorization Today


  • Practice Fusion · July 29, 2019

    Starting a Direct Primary Care Practice

    What is the direct primary care (DPC) model? You may have heard about direct primary care (DPC) at a conference or from a colleague. DPC is a type of primary care where a billing or payment arrangement is made between patients and providers, without sending...


  • Practice Fusion · April 4, 2019

    Introducing Veradigm Solutions for Practice Fusion Customers

    Veradigm - Tranforming health. Insightfull.

    Updated as of 7-9-21 Administrative burden is challenging the practice of medicine The administrative burden medical practices are facing is a growing challenge, and many physicians are burnt out and pessimistic about the future of medicine. The promise and value of digitizing healthcare has yet...


  • Practice Fusion · February 4, 2019

    Empowering Independent Practices to Flourish

    Blog Post Image

    Physicians are facing a multitude of challenges navigating the healthcare regulatory and reimbursement landscape, while incorporating new technology into their daily workflow, and managing an increasing administrative burden. The result is that 62% of surveyed physicians are pessimistic about the future of medicine, 78% of...