Practice Fusion offers new real world evidence data solutions powered by the largest cloud-based connected electronic health record platform

San Francisco, CA, June 2, 2016 – Practice Fusion, the nation’s largest cloud-based connected health platform1, unveiled its new real world evidence (RWE) offerings at the 21st annual meeting for the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR), held May 21 to May 25 in Washington D.C.

Practice Fusion’s RWE offerings provide clinical insights on what’s happening in real world settings. The new solutions leverage Practice Fusion’s connected digital health platform used by nearly 30,000 practices, along with its de-identified clinical database, which includes over 38 million records containing rich data.

“Real world evidence data derived from EHRs have the power to provide novel insights into areas such as epidemiology, comparative effectiveness, adherence, and costs,” said Richard Loomis, MD, vice president and chief medical officer of Practice Fusion. “With our new RWE offerings, Practice Fusion can not only aggregate data and perform retrospective studies, but can also conduct studies that incorporate providers’ input given at the point of care.”

Use and Application of RWE Studies Continues to Expand

RWE studies continue to be a driver for life sciences companies because they go beyond the traditional randomized clinical trial (RCT) to provide nuanced answers on effectiveness and safety in real world clinical environments.

In an article published by the Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society, Dr. Robert Califf, the new U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner, stated that RWE is also “[the] top programmatic priority” for the FDA. In the article, Dr. Califf also stated, “[prospectively] designed registries and cohort studies in the context of clinical practice are highly valuable … [and] may be the most important source of knowledge in the future.”

Although RCTs continue to be the gold standard for establishing efficacy and safety, they may not reflect typical patient care or day-to-day experiences. RWE studies can include larger sample sizes and a greater breadth of patient demographics and clinical circumstances, which can help better inform treatment decisions.

“We’re excited to offer new RWE solutions, helping deliver the unique clinical insights needed to drive better outcomes,” said Joseph Priest, vice president of Real World Evidence at Practice Fusion. “The future of care will increasingly rely on real world evidence to provide more complete answers to complex questions.”

Practice Fusion’s RWE solutions were introduced at the recent ISPOR annual meeting, the largest and most prestigious conference for health outcomes researchers. ISPOR members include over 18,000 academics, policy makers, consultants, payers and patient representative groups, according to its website. ISPOR is globally recognized as the leading educational and scientific organization for health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) and its potential uses in providing improved health outcomes for patients.

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1 SK&A, Report on Physician Office Usage of Electronic Healthcare Records Software (February 2016).