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A complete list of ICD-10 codes related to the animal kingdom

CMS-guidelines requires ICD-10 coding at the highest level of specificity – that is, assigning the most specific diagnosis code that describes a disease or condition. This includes encounters with animals.

Example: A patient gets a blood test for a coral snake bite

The laboratory may know that it is conducting a test because of a patient’s accidental encounter with a coral snake (ICD-10 code T63.021), but in order to get paid for the test, the lab would be required to include the ICD-10 code for “toxic effect of venom of other snake, undetermined, initial encounter” (ICD-10 code T63.094A).

The addition of the 7th character in ICD-10 codes is one of the significant differences in the transition from ICD-9

The definitions of the 7th character in ICD10 codes is defined as:

  • 7th character “A,” initial encounter is used while the patient is receiving active treatment for the condition. The entire time the patient is receiving active treatment is referred to as the Initial Encounter. Examples of active treatment are: surgical treatment, emergency department encounter, and evaluation and continuing treatment by the same or a different physician.
  • 7th character “D,” subsequent encounter is used for encounters after the patient has received active treatment of the condition and is receiving routine care for the condition during the healing or recovery phase. Examples of subsequent care are: cast change or removal, an x-ray to check healing status of fracture, removal of external or internal fixation device, medication adjustment, other aftercare and follow up visits following treatment of the injury or condition.
  • 7th character “S,” sequel, is for use for complications or conditions that arise as a direct result of a condition, such as scar formation after a burn. The scars are sequela of the burn. When using 7th character “S,” it is necessary to use both the injury code that precipitated the sequel and the code for the sequel itself. The “S” is added only to the injury code, not the sequel code.

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  Venom Incident ICD-10 Series Initial Encounter Subsequent Encounter Sequela
AlligatorVenomous Nonvenomous Bitten W58.0 W58.01XA W58.01XD W58.01XS
Alligator Nonvenomous Struck W58.02 W58.02XA W58.02XD W58.02XS
Alligator Nonvenomous Crushed W58.03 W58.03XA W58.03XD W58.03XS
Alligator Nonvenomous Other Contact W58.09 W58.09XA W58.09XD W58.09XS
Amphibian, Other Venomous Accidental T63.83 T63.831 T63.831A T63.831D
Amphibian, Other Venomous Intentional Self-harm T63.832 T63.832A T63.832D T63.832S
Amphibian, Other Venomous Assault T63.833 T63.833A T63.833D T63.833S
Amphibian, Other Venomous Undetermined T63.834 T63.834A T63.834D T63.834S
Amphibians Nonvenomous Contact W62.9 W62.9XXA W62.9XXD W62.9XXS
Animals, Other Venomous Accidental T63.891 T63.891A T63.891D T63.891S
Animals, Other Venomous Intentional Self-harm T63.892 T63.892A T63.892D T63.892S
Animals, Other Venomous Assault T63.893 T63.893A T63.893D T63.893S
Animals, Other Venomous Undetermined T63.894 T63.894A T63.894D T63.894S
Animals, Unspecified, Other Venomous Accidental T63.91 T63.91XA T63.91XD T63.91XS
Animals, Unspecified, Other Venomous Intentional Self-harm T63.92 T63.92XA T63.92XD T63.92XS
Animals, Unspecified, Other Venomous Assault T63.93 T63.93XA T63.93XD T63.93XS
Animals, Unspecified, Other Venomous Undetermined T63.94 T63.94XA T63.94XD T63.94XS
Ants Venomous Accidental T63.421 T63.421A T63.421D T63.421S
Ants Venomous Intentional Self-harm T63.422 T63.422A T63.422D T63.422S
Ants Venomous Assault T63.423 T63.423A T63.423D T63.423S
Ants Venomous Undetermined T63.424 T63.424A T63.424D T63.424S
Arthropod, Other Venomous Accidental T63.481 T63.481A T63.481D T63.481S
Arthropod, Other Venomous Intentional Self-harm T63.482 T63.482A T63.482D T63.482S
Arthropod, Other Venomous Assault T63.483 T63.483A T63.483D T63.483S
Arthropod, Other Venomous Undetermined T63.484 T63.484A T63.484D T63.484S
Arthropods Nonvenomous Bitten or Stung W57 W57.XXXA W57.XXXD W57.XXXS
Bees Venomous Accidental T63.441 T63.441A T63.441D T63.441S
Bees Venomous Intentional Self-harm T63.442 T63.442A T63.442D T63.442S
Bees Venomous Assault T63.443 T63.443A T63.443D T63.443S
Bees Venomous Undetermined T63.444 T63.444A T63.444D T63.444S
Birds, Other Nonvenomous Bitten W61.91 W61.91XA W61.91XD W61.91XS
Birds, Other Nonvenomous Struck W61.92 W61.92XA W61.92XD W61.92XS
Birds, Other Nonvenomous Other Contact W61.99 W61.99XA W61.99XD W61.99XS
Cat Nonvenomous Bitten W55.01 W55.01XA W55.01XD W55.01XS
Cat Nonvenomous Scratched W55.03 W55.03XA W55.03XD W55.03XS
Cat Nonvenomous Other Contact W55.09 W55.09XA W55.09XD W55.09XS
Caterpillars Venomous Accidental T63.431 T63.431A T63.431D T63.431S
Caterpillars Venomous Intentional Self-harm T63.432 T63.432A T63.432D T63.432S
Caterpillars Venomous Assault T63.433 T63.433A T63.433D T63.433S
Caterpillars Venomous Undetermined T63.434 T63.434A T63.434D T63.434S
Centipedes and Millipedes Venomous Accidental T63.411 T63.411A T63.411D T63.411S
Centipedes and Millipedes, Assault Venomous Assault T63.413 T63.413A T63.413D T63.413S
Centipedes and Millipedes, Intentional Self-harm Venomous Intentional Self-harm T63.412 T63.412A T63.412D T63.412S
Centipedes and Millipedes, Undetermined Venomous Undetermined T63.414 T63.414A T63.414D T63.414S
Chicken Nonvenomous Bitten W61.32 W61.32XA W61.32XD W61.32XS
Chicken Nonvenomous Pecked W61.33 W61.33XA W61.33XD W61.33XS
Chicken Nonvenomous Other Contact W61.39 W61.39XA W61.39XD W61.39XS
Cow Nonvenomous Bitten W55.21 W55.21XA W55.21XD W55.21XS
Cow Nonvenomous Struck W55.22 W55.22XA W55.22XD W55.22XS
Cow Nonvenomous Other Contact W55.29 W55.29XA W55.29XD W55.29XD
Crocodile Nonvenomous Bitten W58.11 W58.11XA W58.11XD W58.11XS
Crocodile Nonvenomous Struck W58.12 W58.12XA W58.12XD W58.12XS
Crocodile Nonvenomous Crushed W58.13 W58.13XA W58.13XD W58.13XS
Crocodile Nonvenomous Other Contact W58.19 W58.19XA W58.19XD W58.19XS
Dog Nonvenomous Bitten W54.0 W54.0XXA W54.0XXD W54.0XXS
Dog Nonvenomous Struck W54.1 W54.1XXA W54.1XXD W54.1XXS
Dog Nonvenomous Other Contact W54.8 W54.8XXA W54.8XXD W54.8XXS
Dolphin Nonvenomous Bitten W56.01 W56.01XA W56.01XD W56.01XS
Dolphin Nonvenomous Struck W56.02 W56.02XA W56.02XD W56.02XS
Dolphin Nonvenomous Other Contact W56.09 W56.09XA W56.09XD W56.09XS
Duck Nonvenomous Bitten W61.61 W61.61XA W61.61XD W61.61XS
Duck Nonvenomous Struck W61.62 W61.62XA W61.62XD W61.62XS
Duck Nonvenomous Other Contact W61.69 W61.69XA W61.69XD W61.69XS
Fish, Other Nonvenomous Bitten W56.51 W56.51XA W56.51XD W56.51XS
Fish, Other Nonvenomous Struck W56.52 W56.52XA W56.52XD W56.52XS
Fish, Other Nonvenomous Other Contact W56.59 W56.59XA W56.59XD W56.59XS
Fish, Other Venomous Accidental T63.591 T63.591A T63.591D T63.591S
Fish, Other Venomous Intentional Self-harm T63.592 T63.592A T63.592D T63.592S
Fish, Other Venomous Assault T63.593 T63.593A T63.593D T63.593S
Fish, Other Venomous Undetermined T63.594 T63.594A T63.594D T63.594S
Frog Venomous Accidental T63.811 T63.811A T63.811D T63.811S
Frog Venomous Intentional Self-harm T63.812 T63.812A T63.812D T63.812S
Frog Venomous Assault T63.813 T63.813A T63.813D T63.813S
Frog Venomous Undetermined T63.814 T63.814A T63.814D T63.814S
Frogs Nonvenomous Contact W62.0 W62.0XXA W62.0XXD W62.0XXS
Gila Monster Venomous Intentional Self-harm T63.112 T63.112A T63.112D T63.112S
Gila Monster Venomous Assault T63.113 T63.113A T63.113D T63.113S
Gila Monster Venomous Undetermined T63.114 T63.114A T63.114D T63.114S
Gila Monster, Venomous Accidental T63.111 T63.111A T63.111D T63.111S
Goose Nonvenomous Bitten W61.51 W61.51XA W61.51XD W61.51XS
Goose Nonvenomous Struck W61.52 W61.52XA W61.52XD 61.52XS
Goose Nonvenomous Other Contact W61.59 W61.59XA W61.59XD W61.59XS
Hoof Stock Nonvenomous Bitten W55.31 W55.31XA W55.31XD W55.31XS
Hoof Stock Nonvenomous Struck W55.32 W55.32XA W55.32XD W55.32XS
Hoof Stock Nonvenomous Other Contact W55.39 W55.39XA W55.39XD W55.39XS
Hornets Venomous Accidental T63.451 T63.451A T63.451D T63.451S
Hornets Venomous Intentional Self-harm T63.452 T63.452A T63.452D T63.452S
Hornets Venomous Assault T63.453 T63.453A T63.453D T63.453S
Hornets Venomous Undetermined T63.454 T63.454A T63.454D T63.454S
Horse Nonvenomous Bitten W55.11 W55.11XA W55.11XD W55.11XS
Horse Nonvenomous Struck W55.12 W55.12XA W55.12XD W55.12XS
Horse Nonvenomous Other Contact W55.19 W55.19XA W55.19XD W55.19XS
Jellyfish Venomous Accidental T63.621 T63.621A T63.621D T63.621S
Jellyfish Venomous Intentional Self-harm T63.622 T63.622A T63.622D T63.622S
Jellyfish Venomous Assault T63.623 T63.623A T63.623D T63.623S
Jellyfish Venomous Undetermined T63.624 T63.624A T63.624D T63.624S
Lizard Other Lizard Venom Venomous Accidental T63.121 T63.121A T63.121D T63.121S
Lizard Other Lizard Venom Venomous Intentional Self-harm T63.122 T63.122A T63.122D T63.122S
Lizard Other Lizard Venom Venomous Assault T63.123 T63.123A T63.123D T63.123S
Lizard Other Lizard Venom Venomous Undetermined T63.124 T63.124A T63.124D T63.124S
Lizards Nonvenomous Bitten W59.01 W59.01XA W59.01XD W59.01XS
Lizards Nonvenomous Struck W59.02 W59.02XA W59.02XD W59.02XS
Lizards Nonvenomous Other Contact W59.09 W59.09XA W59.09XD W59.09XS
Macaw Nonvenomous Bitten W61.1 W61.11XA W61.11XD W61.11XS
Macaw Nonvenomous Struck W61.12 W61.12XA W61.12XD W61.12XS
Macaw Nonvenomous Other Contact W61.19 W61.19XA W61.19XD W61.19XS
Mammals, Other Nonvenomous Bitten W55.81 W55.81XA W55.81XD W55.81XS
Mammals, Other Nonvenomous Struck W55.82 W55.82XA W55.82XD W55.82XS
Mammals, Other Nonvenomous Other Contact W55.89 W55.89XA W55.89XD W55.89XS
Marine Mammals, Other Nonvenomous Bitten W56.81 W56.81XA W56.81XD W56.81XS
Marine Mammals, Other Nonvenomous Struck W56.82 W56.82XA W56.82XD W56.82XS
Marine Mammals, Other Nonvenomous Other Contact 56.89XA W56.89XD W56.89XD W56.89XS
Marine Mammals, Other Nonvenomous Bitten W56.31 W56.31XA W56.31XD W56.31XS
Marine Mammals, Other Nonvenomous Struck W56.32 W56.32XA W56.32XD W56.32XS
Marine Mammals, Other Nonvenomous Other Contact W56.39 W56.39XA W56.39XD W56.39XS
Marine Mammals, Other Venomous Accidental T63.691 T63.691A T63.691D T63.691S
Marine Mammals, Other Venomous Intentional Self-harm T63.692 T63.692A T63.692D T63.692S
Marine Mammals, Other Venomous Assault T63.693 T63.693A T63.693D T63.693S
Marine Mammals, Other Venomous Undetermined T63.694 T63.694A T63.694D T63.694S
Mouse Nonvenomous Bitten W53.01 W53.01XA W53.01XD W53.01XS
Mouse Nonvenomous Other Contact W53.09 W53.09XA W53.09XD W53.09XS
Orca Nonvenomous Bitten W56.21 W56.21XA W56.21XD W56.21XS
Orca Nonvenomous Struck W56.22 W56.22XA W56.22XD W56.22XS
Orca Nonvenomous Other Contact W56.29 W56.29XA W56.29XD W56.29XS
Parrot Nonvenomous Bitten W61.0 W61.01XA W61.01XD W61.01XS
Parrot Nonvenomous Struck W61.02 W61.02XA W61.02XD W61.02XS
Parrot Nonvenomous Other Contact W61.09 W61.09XA W61.09XD W61.09XS
Pig Nonvenomous Bitten W55.41 W55.41XA W55.41XD W55.41XS
Pig Nonvenomous Struck W55.42 W55.42XA W55.42XD W55.42XS
Pig Nonvenomous Other Contact W55.49 W55.49XA W55.49XD W55.49XS
Portugese Man-o-war Venomous Accidental T63.611 T63.611A T63.611D T63.611S
Portugese Man-o-war Venomous Intentional Self-harm T63.612 T63.612A T63.612D T63.612S
Portugese Man-o-war Venomous Assault T63.613 T63.613A T63.613D T63.613S
Portugese Man-o-war Venomous Undetermined T63.614 T63.614A T63.614D T63.614S
Psittacines, Other Nonvenomous Bitten W61.21 W61.21XA W61.21XD W61.21XS
Psittacines, Other Nonvenomous Struck W61.22 W61.22XA W61.22XD W61.22XS
Psittacines, Other Nonvenomous Other Contact W61.29 W61.29XA W61.29XD W61.29XS
Raccoon Nonvenomous Bitten W55.51 W55.51XA W55.51XD W55.51XS
Raccoon Nonvenomous Struck W55.52 W55.52XA W55.52XD W55.52XS
Raccoon Nonvenomous Other Contact W55.59 W55.59XA W55.59XD W55.59XS
Rat Nonvenomous Bitten W53.11 W53.11XA W53.11XD W53.11XS
Rat Nonvenomous Other Contact W53.19 W53.19XA W53.19XD W53.19XS
Reptile, Other Reptile Venom Venomous Accidental unspec T63.191A T63.191D T63.191S
Reptile, Other Reptile Venom Venomous Intentional Self-harm T63.192 T63.192A T63.192D T63.192S
Reptile, Other Reptile Venom Venomous Assault T63.193 T63.193A T63.193D T63.193S
Reptile, Other Reptile Venom Venomous Undetermined T63.194 T63.194A T63.194D T63.194S
Reptiles – Other Nonvenomous Bitten W59.8 W59.81XA W59.81XD W59.81XS
Reptiles – Other Nonvenomous Struck W59.82 W59.82XA W59.82XD W59.82XS
Reptiles – Other Nonvenomous Crushed W59.83 W59.83XA W59.83XD W59.83XS
Reptiles – Other Nonvenomous Other Contact W59.89 W59.89XA W59.89XD W59.89XS
Rodent, Other Nonvenomous Bitten W53.81 W53.81XA W53.81XD W53.81XS
Rodent, Other Nonvenomous Other Contact W53.89 W53.89XA W53.89XD W53.89XS
Scorpion Venomous Accidental T63.2X1 T63.2X1A T63.2X1D T63.2X1S
Scorpion Venomous Intentional Self-harm T63.2X2 T63.2X2A T63.2X2D T63.2X2S
Scorpion Venomous Assault T63.2X3 T63.2X3A T63.2X3D T63.2X3S
Scorpion Venomous Undetermined T63.2X4 T63.2X4A T63.2X4D T63.2X4S
Sea Anemone Venomous Accidental T63.631 T63.631A T63.631D T63.631S
Sea Anemone Venomous Intentional Self-harm T63.632 T63.632A T63.632D T63.632S
Sea Anemone Venomous Assault T63.633 T63.633A T63.633D T63.633S
Sea Anemone Venomous Undetermined T63.634 T63.634A T63.634D T63.634S
Sea Lion Nonvenomous Bitten W56.11 W56.11XA W56.11XD W56.11XS
Sea Lion Nonvenomous Struck W56.12 W56.12XA W56.12XD W56.12XS
Sea Lion Nonvenomous Other Contact W56.19 W56.19XA W56.19XD W56.19XS
Shark Nonvenomous Bitten W56.41 W56.41XA W56.41XD W56.41XS
Shark Nonvenomous Struck W56.42 W56.42XA W56.42XD W56.42XS
Shark Nonvenomous Other Contact W56.49 W56.49XA W56.49XD W56.49XS
Snake Venom Venomous Intentional Self-harm T63.002 T63.002A T63.002D T63.002S
Snake Venom Venomous Assault T63.003 T63.003A T63.003D T63.003S
Snake Venom Venomous Undetermined T63.004 T63.004A T63.004D T63.004S
Snake Venom, Unspecified Venomous Accidental T63.001 T63.001A T63.001D T63.001S
Snake, African and Asian Venom Venomous Accidental T63.081 T63.081A T63.081D T63.081S
Snake, African and Asian Venom Venomous Intentional Self-harm T63.082 T63.082A T63.082D T63.082S
Snake, African and Asian Venom Venomous Assault T63.083 T63.083A T63.083D T63.083S
Snake, African and Asian Venom Venomous Undetermined T63.084 T63.084A T63.084D T63.084S
Snake, Australian Venom Venomous Accidental T63.071 T63.071A T63.071D T63.071S
Snake, Australian Venom Venomous Intentional Self-harm T63.072 T63.072A T63.072D T63.072S
Snake, Australian Venom Venomous Assault T63.073 T63.073A T63.073D T63.073S
Snake, Australian Venom Venomous Undetermined T63.074 T63.074A T63.074D T63.074S
Snake, Cobra Venom Venomous Accidental T63.041 T63.041A T63.041D T63.041S
Snake, Cobra Venom Venomous Intentional Self-harm T63.042 T63.042A T63.042D T63.042S
Snake, Cobra Venom Venomous Assault T63.043 T63.043A T63.043D T63.043S
Snake, Cobra Venom Venomous Undetermined T63.044 T63.044A T63.044D T63.044S
Snake, Coral Snake Venom Venomous Accidental T63.021 T63.021A T63.021D T63.021S
Snake, Coral Snake Venom Venomous Intentional Self-harm T63.022 T63.022A T63.022D T63.022S
Snake, Coral Snake Venom Venomous Assault T63.023 T63.023A T63.023D T63.023S
Snake, Coral Snake Venom Venomous Undetermined T63.024 T63.024A T63.024D T63.024S
Snake, North and South American Venom Venomous Accidental T63.061 T63.061A T63.061D T63.061S
Snake, North and South American Venom Venomous Intentional Self-harm T63.062 T63.062A T63.062D T63.062S
Snake, North and South American Venom Venomous Assault T63.063 T63.063A T63.063D T63.063S
Snake, North and South American Venom Venomous Undetermined T63.064 T63.064A T63.064D T63.064S
Snake, Other Snake Venom Venomous Accidental T63.091 T63.091A T63.091D T63.091S
Snake, Other Snake Venom Venomous Intentional Self-harm T63.092 T63.092A T63.092D T63.092S
Snake, Other Snake Venom Venomous Assault T63.093 T63.093A T63.093D T63.093S
Snake, Other Snake Venom Venomous Undetermined T63.094 T63.094A T63.094D T63.094S
Snake, Rattlesnake Venom Venomous Accidental T63.011 T63.011A T63.011D T63.011S
Snake, Rattlesnake Venom Venomous Intentional Self-harm T63.012 T63.012A T63.012D T63.012S
Snake, Rattlesnake Venom Venomous Assault T63.013 T63.013A T63.013D T63.013S
Snake, Rattlesnake Venom Venomous Undetermined T63.014 T63.014A T63.014D T63.014S
Snake, Taipan Venom Venomous Accidental T63.031 T63.031A T63.031D T63.031S
Snake, Taipan Venom Venomous Intentional Self-harm T63.032 T63.032A T63.032D T63.032S
Snake, Taipan Venom Venomous Assault T63.033 T63.033A T63.033D T63.033S
Snake, Taipan Venom Venomous Undetermined T63.034 T63.034A T63.034D T63.034S
Snakes Nonvenomous Bitten W59.1 W59.11XA W59.11XD W59.11XS
Snakes Nonvenomous Struck W59.12 W59.12XA W59.12XD W59.12XS
Snakes Nonvenomous Crushed W59.13 W59.13XA W59.13XD W59.13XS
Snakes Nonvenomous Other Contact W59.19 W59.19XA W59.19XD W59.19XS
Spider, Black Widow Venomous Accidental T63.311 T63.311A T63.311D T63.311S
Spider, Black Widow Venomous Intentional Self-harm T63.312 T63.312A T63.312D T63.312S
Spider, Black Widow Venomous Assault T63.313 T63.313A T63.313D T63.313S
Spider, Black Widow Venomous Undetermined T63.314 T63.314A T63.314D T63.314S
Spider, Brown Recluse Venomous Intentional Self-harm T63.332 T63.332A T63.332D T63.332S
Spider, Brown Recluse Venomous Assault T63.333 T63.333A T63.333D T63.333S
Spider, Brown Recluse Venomous Undetermined T63.334 T63.334A T63.334D T63.334S
Spider, Brown Recluse, Venomous Accidental T63.331 T63.331A T63.331D T63.331S
Spider, Other Venomous Accidental T63.391 T63.391A T63.391D T63.391S
Spider, Other Venomous Intentional Self-harm T63.392 T63.392A T63.392D T63.392S
Spider, Other Venomous Assault T63.393 T63.393A T63.393D T63.393S
Spider, Other Venomous Undetermined T63.394 T63.394A T63.394D T63.394S
Spider, Tarantula Venomous Accidental T63.321 T63.321A T63.321D T63.321S
Spider, Tarantula Venomous Intentional Self-harm T63.322 T63.322A T63.322D T63.322S
Spider, Tarantula Venomous Assault T63.323 T63.323A T63.323D T63.323S
Spider, Tarantula Venomous Undetermined T63.324 T63.324A T63.324D T63.324S
Spider, Unspecified Venomous Accidental T63.301 T63.301A T63.301D T63.301S
Spider, Unspecified Venomous Intentional Self-harm T63.302 T63.302A T63.302D T63.302S
Spider, Unspecified Venomous Assault T63.303 T63.303A T63.303D T63.303S
Spider, Unspecified Venomous Undetermined T63.304 T63.304A T63.304D T63.304S
Squirrel Nonvenomous Bitten W53.2 W53.21XA W53.21XD W53.21XS
Squirrel Nonvenomous Other Contact W53.29 W53.29XA W53.29XD W53.29XS
Stingray Venomous Accidental T63.511 T63.511A T63.511D T63.511S
Stingray Venomous Intentional Self-harm T63.512 T63.512A T63.512D T63.512S
Stingray Venomous Assault T63.513 T63.513A T63.513D T63.513S
Stingray Venomous Undetermined T63.514 T63.514A T63.514D T63.514S
Toad Venomous Accidental T63.821 T63.821A T63.821D T63.821S
Toad Venomous Intentional Self-harm T63.822 T63.822A T63.822D T63.822S
Toad Venomous Assault T63.823 T63.823A T63.823D T63.823S
Toad Venomous Undetermined T63.824 T63.824A T63.824D T63.824S
Toads Nonvenomous Contact W62.1 W62.1XXA W62.1XXD W62.1XXS
Turkey Nonvenomous Bitten W61.42 W61.42XA W61.42XD W61.42XS
Turkey Nonvenomous Pecked W61.43 W61.43XA W61.43XD W61.43XS
Turkey Nonvenomous Other Contact W61.49 W61.49XA W61.49XD W61.49XS
Turtle Nonvenomous Bitten W59.21 W59.21XA W59.21XD W59.21XS
Turtle Nonvenomous Struck W59.22 W59.22XA W59.22XD W59.22XS
Turtle Nonvenomous Other Contact W59.29 W59.29XA W59.29XD W59.29XS
Wasps Venomous Accidental T63.461 T63.461A T63.461D T63.461S
Wasps Venomous Intentional Self-harm T63.462 T63.462A T63.462D T63.462S
Wasps Venomous Assault T63.463 T63.463A T63.463D T63.463S
Wasps Venomous Undetermined T63.464 T63.464A T63.464D T63.464S