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SuperBill Procedure of a patient in the Practice Fusion EHR

Field Name Data type Field Description
PatientPracticeGuid Guid Unique identifier representing a patient
BillingHeaderGuid Guid Unique identifier for a billing header
BillingProcedureGuid Guid? Unique identifier for a billing procedure
CodingSystem String Procedure Coding System
BillingCode String Code used to identify what was done to or given to a patient
Quantity Decimal? Quantity of product or service administered to patient
Minutes Decimal? The amount of time in minutes a service was performed
Amount Decimal? The billing amount that was charged to patient for a procedure
Description String Description for a procedure
ProcedureStartDate DateTime The local start date and time of a procedure
ProcedureEndDate DateTime? The local end date and time of a procedure
Ndc String National Drug Code for medication
NdcDescription String A description for a national drug code
PlaceOfServiceName String Name for a place of service
PlaceOfServiceCode String Identifier code for a place of service
LastModifiedByProfileGuid Guid Unique identifier representing the user’s profile that last updated this record
LastModifiedDateTimeUtc DateTime UTC date and time when the last update was performed