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Immunization data for a patient

Field Name Data type Field Description
PatientPracticeGuid Guid Unique identifier representing a patient
ImmunizationGuid Guid Unique identifier for the immunization (vaccination) record
Type String Type of Immunization record (Administered, Historical or Refused)
Vaccine String Name of the vaccine
IsPartiallyAdministered Boolean True, if the vaccine was partially administered
VaccinationOrEffectiveDate DateField Date when the vaccination was administered or effective date if the vaccine was refused
VaccinationTime String Time when the vaccination was administered
SourceOfInformation String Source of information gathered for a Historical vaccine
OrderingProviderGuid Guid? Unique identifier representing the provider who ordered the vaccine
AdministeredByProviderGuid Guid? Unique identifier representing the provider who administered the vaccine
FacilityGuid Guid? Unique identifier representing the facility where the vaccine was administered
ManufacturerName String Name of the vaccine manufacturer
Ndc String National drug code related to the vaccine
Lot String Lot number assigned to the vaccine by the manufacturer
Quantity String Quantity of vaccine administered
Dose String Dose of vaccine administered
Units String Unit of measurement for the dose
ExpirationDate DateField Date of expiration of the vaccine
Route String Route used for the administered vaccine
BodySite String Part of the body where the vaccine was administered
FundingSourceCode String Code representing the source of funding used for the vaccine
FundingSourceCodeSystem String Code system associated with source of funding code
FundingSourceName String Name associated with funding source code
VfcFinancialClass String Vaccine for children (VFC) eligibility category
SpecialIndication String Special group indication (optional)
Reaction String Any reaction recorded after vaccine administration
Comments String Comments associated with the immunization record
RejectionReason String Reason for vaccine rejection
RejectionReasonLoincCode String LOINC code associated with the reason for vaccine rejection
LastModifiedByProfileGuid Guid Unique identifier representing the user profile who last modified this record
LastModifiedDateTimeUtc DateTime UTC Date and time when the record was last modified