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Medical Equipment or instruments that in the Global Unique Device Identification Database (GUDID) that belongs to a patient

Field Name Data type Field Description
PatientPracticeGuid Guid Unique identifier representing a patient
DeviceName String Type of device (eg . pacemaker, insulin pump, etc.)
DeviceCount Int32? Number of devices implanted
ImplantDate DateField Date when the device was implanted
ImplantingSurgeonName String Name of the surgeon who implanted the device
UserEnteredNotes String Any notes or comments entered by the user related to the device
UniqueDeviceIdentifier String The unique identifier of the device in the GUDID database
DeviceDescription String Description of the device
CompanyName String Name of the company that manufactures the device
BrandName String Brand name of the device.
VersionModelNumber String Version model number of the device
LotNumber String Lot number of the device assigned by the manufacturer
DeviceSerialNumber String The device’s Serial number
ExpirationDate DateField Date of the device’s expiration
ManufacturingDate DateField Date when the device was manufactured
GmdnPtName String Global Medical Device Nomenclature (GMDN) product name
GmdnPtDescription String Global Medical Device Nomenclature (GMDN) description
CustomerServiceContactPhoneNumber String Customer service contact phone number
CustomerServiceContactPhoneNumberExtension String Extension for the customer service’s contact phone number
CustomerServiceContactEmailAddress String Customer service contact email address
IsNaturalRubberLatexInformationOnLabel Boolean? Boolean indicating whether the information about natural rubber latex is present on the device’s label
IsDeviceLabeledNoNaturalRubberLatex Boolean? Boolean indicating whether the device has no labeling for containing natural rubber latex
IsHumanCellOrTissueProduct Boolean? Boolean indicating if the device is a human cell or tissue product
IsActive Boolean Boolean indicating active status of the device
MriSafetyStatus String Status indicating whether it is safe for patient to have an MRI performed with this device implanted
SnomedCtCode String The SNOMED CT Code related to the device
SnomedCtDescription String SNOMED standard Device description.
LastModifiedByUserGuid Guid Unique identifier representing the user who made the last update to this record in the EHR
LastModifiedDateTimeUtc DateTime UTC Date and time of when the record was last updated
ProvenanceEhrUserGuid Guid? Unique identifier representing the user who made the last update to this record in the EHR
ProvenanceDateTimeUtc DateTime? UTC date and time at which the last update was performed in the EHR