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Practice Fusion · Nov 18, 2015

West Virginia leads the nation in lab and imaging connectivity

A Lab and Imaging Spotlight from Practice Fusion’s Researchers

Practice Fusion’s platform is the largest hub connecting imaging radiology centers and providers across the country. After launching our Imaging API nearly two and a half years ago, we now see 1.5 million lab and imaging transactions happening on our platform each month, with West Virginia, New York, and Florida rounding out the top three most active states for electronic lab and imaging orders.

Top 10 Most Active States for Lab and Imaging Activity (based on state population)
1.) West Virginia
2.) New York
3.) Florida
4.) Nevada
5.) New Jersey
6.) Maryland
7.) Washington DC
8.) Vermont
9.) California
10.) Illinois

Top 10 Most Active States for Lab and Imaging Activity (based on number of active practices in the state)
1.) West Virginia
2.) Massachusetts
3.) Vermont
4.) Kentucky
5.) Nebraska
6.) Rhode Island
7.) Nevada
8.) Maryland
9.) Alabama
10.) Washington DC
*An active practice is defined as any practice that placed a lab or imaging order in the Practice Fusion EHR in 2015.

With hundreds of partners – labs, imaging, billing, scheduling, and more – Practice Fusion is the number one connected, cloud-based healthcare platform on the market. We are committed to driving better health with the connections that matter. By providing users with the ability to access and update patient charts in real-time and share data across the care continuum, we aim to improve patient outcomes.

We are rapidly connecting new lab and imaging centers across the country to better serve your needs. If you’re a radiology or imaging center looking to join the Practice Fusion ecosystem, you may request to become a preferred labs or imaging partner.