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Matthew Douglass · Dec 20, 2017

Practice Fusion Celebrating First Decade

We debuted the Practice Fusion Electronic Health Record to the world in the fall of 2007. With this seemingly small (at the time) milestone, we stepped into the digital health landscape. Our clear vision for the future of digital medicine, from birth throughout each persons’ lifetime: all health information should be available for their medical provider to access anywhere, anytime, securely, reliably, and quickly. Fast forward 10 years, and tens of thousands of healthcare providers and their staff use our platform to actively manage and monitor the health of their patients daily.

When we created the first version of our web-based system more than a decade ago, medical practice software was dramatically simpler than it is today. While we still use the phrase “Electronic Health Record”, or EHR for short, to describe the software that most physician offices use to manage their patient records and the day-to-day management of their practices, the actual functionality that an EHR has today is significantly more complex and feature-rich than what constituted a modern, competitive EHR in 2007. What was enough for a doctor to run an independent practice, obtain Meaningful Use dollars, and engage with an EHR previously is no longer remotely sufficient to maintain an EHR as current, updated, and on the cutting edge of innovation. Through this evolving healthcare period, Practice Fusion has continued to grow, and we remain as committed as ever to building and supporting the #1 rated EHR for independent physician practices.

Throughout our first 10 years, our employees lived and breathed the most important Practice Fusion Core Value: “First, listen to the customer”. As a result of this steadfast commitment, we now have the most user-friendly EHR on the market and our supremely satisfied customers remind us of this every single day. We’re proud of the fact that Practice Fusion is the #1 U.S. cloud-based EHR platform for doctors and their patients. We have and will continue to remain true to our core mission of connecting doctors, patients and data to drive better health and save lives.

While our commitment to America’s independent practices hasn’t changed, the healthcare environment around us has. Medical practices and physicians are faced with many new demands from insurance companies, federal and state regulators, health ecosystem partners, and even patients. We will continue to regularly re-evaluate ways to reinvest in our product to ensure customers receive the highest value possible while using an industry-leading certified EHR.

I would like to take a moment to thank every single healthcare provider who has ever logged on to the Practice Fusion EHR platform. Whether you’ve been a Practice Fusion customer for 10 years or for 10 days, thank you for trusting us as your technology partner. Thank you for trusting us with your patients’ crucial medical information.

And most importantly, thank you for being heroes for your patients every single day. Americans across this country know we can count on you to be the backbone and front lines of our healthcare system. We are truly grateful for your time, your empathy, and your curiosity.

Practice Fusion 10 Year Diamond Anniversary