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Matthew Douglass · Oct 27, 2014

The new EHR: An upgrade for 21st century medicine

When we launched the Practice Fusion electronic health record (EHR) platform in 2007, we wanted to provide a comprehensive, web-based EHR system at an affordable price so that physicians and patients could access their clinical information anytime, anywhere.

What started as a vision in 2007 is now reality in 2014, with the launch of our brand new, mobile-optimized EHR that lets you take your practice wherever you go. Whether you’re working from a desktop, laptop, or tablet you can:

And so much more.

Practice Fusion designers, researchers, and developers have dedicated over 250,000 hours to building our new EHR from the ground up. This complete redesign and rethink is the culmination of countless hours with physicians in their practices, watching how they work and observing the ins-and-outs of their patient interactions. For the very first time in the history of medicine, direct feedback from tens of thousands of US physicians has influenced the creation of new software for healthcare professionals.

As technology evolves, so must software to meet the needs of healthcare providers in the 21st century. One of the major benefits of a web-based EHR is that Practice Fusion can quickly and automatically deliver updates to keep up with technological advancements. At no time will this benefit be more apparent than with this latest major upgrade of our EHR. As always, the upgrade will be completed seamlessly, with nothing for our customers to download, install, or upgrade. All patient clinical data that was available in the classic EHR is immediately available in the new EHR, without any hassle.

The new EHR will also complete the migration of our system to HTML, allowing us to release more features faster and with fewer bugs. Later this year and early in 2015, we’ll be releasing even more customer-requested features starting with recurring appointments. We’ll then move on to advanced templates, more efficient e-prescribing workflows, easier formatting of chart notes, flowsheets, plus e-prescribing of controlled substances. And that’s just the beginning.

Practice Fusion’s EHR has become America’s most popular healthcare platform, with over 100,000 healthcare professionals logging in every month to manage 91 million patient records. We greatly appreciate the patience of all of our customers and look forward to powering every physician’s office in the US with our world-class, web-based EHR.

If you aren’t using Practice Fusion already, see for yourself what the future of health records looks like.