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Ryan Howard · Feb 25, 2013

New EHR Billing: A comprehensive streamlined superbill, flexible reports and more

To the Practice Fusion user community,

The Practice Fusion team appreciates your role in making us the fastest growing EHR community in the US. Along these lines, we take great pride in our ongoing commitment to deliver our award-winning EHR.

We also recognize that billing has not been our strongest feature. We originally partnered with Kareo to bring you a low-cost billing solution, integrated with your EHR. We’re disappointed to see that the spirit of this partnership has been lost due to Kareo’s recent price hikes.

That’s why, by the end of March, we’re going to start to deliver you major new enhancements to your Practice Fusion billing experience:

  • A comprehensive, streamlined superbill, directly integrated with your workflow
  • Flexible reports for billing users
  • The ability to export billing data to most major billing systems
  • New billing software and service partners with more economical pricing

This means it’s your choice. You will soon be able to use Practice Fusion with any major billing system on the market. And if you’re looking for a new billing system altogether, we’ll also have new, low-cost partners coming soon. Kareo’s integration will still be supported for existing users.

We’re excited to be making your EHR faster, more flexible and easier-to-use. As always, we’re committed to giving you these improvements and ensuring that our partners stay affordable. Stay tuned for our billing revamp at the end of March!


Ryan Howard
Founder and CEO
Practice Fusion