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  • Contributing Writer · September 30, 2010

    The HIPAA implication of Facebook friends with patients

    Social networking is becoming a mainstay of modern life. Facebook alone, which has grown to 100,000,000 users in just 9 months, is the 4th largest “country” in the world. Many businesses use Facebook pages to build their marketing and visibility – in fact, a whole...


  • Contributing Writer · September 24, 2010

    Practice Fusion Connect 2010

    At Practice Fusion we feel really lucky. Lucky to have over 50,000 users who utilize our EHR to its fullest capacity and also truly believe in us as a company. As the social media specialist, I see firsthand the love and appreciation our users express....


  • Contributing Writer · September 7, 2010

    Is Meaningful Use important even if I don’t take Medicare?

    Meaningful Use of certified Electronic Health Record (EHR) technology is set to be in play in 2011. The bonus moneys that were funded by the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act(ARRA), under its HITECH section, are to be distributed through the Centers for Medicare and...


  • Contributing Writer · August 27, 2010

    Science Fiction Becoming Health IT Reality

    Robot nurses? Virtual doctor’s visits? Face recognition sign-on? Tablet computers with Clinical Decision Support? These concepts have existed in science fiction for decades. And unlike flying cars, they’re quickly becoming a reality in the healthcare sector.


  • Contributing Writer · August 5, 2010

    ICD-10 Conversion: Coming to your EHR

    The way we have all become accustomed to encoding diagnoses in health care will be changing quite dramatically in 2013. Since 1977, healthcare has captured structured diagnosis documentation using the ICD-9 system – in the U.S. the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) expanded on...