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Practice Fusion · May 4, 2017

Practice Fusion In the News: EHR Usability

Practice Fusion’s Co-Founder and SVP of Customer Experience, Matt Douglass, recently wrote several articles on EHR usability and where we’re at in the journey of building better and better EHR functionality for medical practices.

Matt Douglass

As someone who coded much of the early Practice Fusion EHR technology and then led our growing team of developers for many years, Matt is deeply immersed in the potential for great digital health tools as well as the reality of where we are in the evolution of EHRs. In his role as SVP of Customer Experience, he holds a strong belief that medical professionals must play a big part of any software development cycle or product vision. This is why it’s an essential element of the way we build our product, from the commitment we’ve made to gather and incorporate feedback from you, our customers, to the way we organize
our technology to make frequent updates easier and unobtrusive.

Read more in the following pieces published in For the Record and Electronic Health Reporter.

His piece published by The Record was on a theme that he’s passionate about here at PF – listening to our customers.

How to Improve EHR Usability: First, Listen to the Clinician

Electronic Health Reporter Editor Scott Rupp published a two part series on EHR usability, Rethinking EHRs: Why Aren’t They Useful Yet? (Part 1). Followed by Rethinking EHRs: Actionable Insight Increases Usability (Part 2).