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Practice Fusion · Mar 7, 2014

EHR Update: The future of charting and flowsheets on Practice Fusion

We have big plans for improving the way you use your EHR for charting patient encounters. As we upgrade our technology to HTML from Flex (our current Flash-based technology) in the coming months, the new chart note will be accessible on your iPad, incorporate more of your feature requests (such as flowsheets), and eventually be more customizable for your practice’s unique workflow.

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We’re making these changes incrementally. If you’re participating in Meaningful Use, you already know that we changed the way SOAP notes are finalized to help you participate in Meaningful Use in 2014. Since the initial change, we’ve added the ability for you to see structured data you’ve added to the note, including diagnoses, allergies, and medications.

Every section of the note now expands to fit that note’s length. Several new user-requested vitals fields are available in the new chart note as well.

These updates are just the beginning of structural changes that will soon enable you to chart on your iPad or tablet using the same encounter form you see on a desktop computer. When this happens, features added to the new EHR will automatically become available on your tablet. We’re also starting to migrate our templating system to the new encounter. Once templates are available, we will begin revamping and adding additional workflow features.

Flowsheets are also coming to your EHR later this year. This is one of our top asks from our providers, and we’re pleased to be able to bring you this functionality to your EHR. You’ll first see simple tracking for vital signs collected over multiple encounters. This will happen once we’ve migrated the full encounter to the new EHR to replace the current charting experience. We’ll then add new functionality with more customized templates and workflows, such as text expanders and macros.

As we roll out new functionality in the coming months, we’ll continue to listen to our customers and make adjustments along the way. We always welcome feedback in our Knowledgebase, and our team is working to build a world-class EHR that responds to your needs.