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Track your performance and improve outcomes

Using our EHR gives you access to some of the most powerful tools available to track patient performance and improve outcomes. By streamlining population healthcare management, you can rest assured you’re spending your time efficiently and effectively.

Reduce the chance of missing a lab test, drug interaction or complication

Practice Fusion offers clinical decision support advisories based on patient medical history, including demographics, diagnoses, medications, lab results and others.

CDS alerts and advisories can suggest tests or potential complications that may not be top of mind. In addition to improving care for individual patients, CDS advisories can help make quality measurement and monitoring part of your workflow and boost outcomes for your whole patient population.

Our EHR is also continually updated with clinical quality measures (CQMs) that help you more effectively care for your patients. These automated screenings for 27 conditions from cervical cancer to high blood pressure measure and monitor healthcare quality to improve outcomes.


population health

Population health management dashboards and alerts can help improve patient health

The population health management dashboards allow you to track how many of your age-eligible patients have received certain evidence-based clinical care that may be appropriate for them.

  • Summary and detailed dashboards that allow you to track your efforts to improve outcomes and quality based on clinical guidelines.
  • Clinical decision support notifications at the point of care to alert you that you are seeing a patient who may need attention.
  • Optional opt-in patient communication tools to help you engage patients in their care when they are outside of your office.

From vaccinations to asthma, we continue to add more dashboards to make sure you know which of your patients might need extra care.


Practice Fusion’s EHR ranks #1 across multiple specialties, including primary care, internal medicine, pediatrics and family medicine. With fully customizable templates, you can tailor your EHR charting not only to your specialty, but also your own specific workflow and practice needs. Our ease of use and adaptability makes us a highly popular EHR among specialties from psychiatry to dermatology.

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