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Give patients the online tools they want

A 2013 Accenture survey on patient engagement found a large majority of Americans are looking for providers with online communication and management tools.1

  • 77% want to book health appointments online.
  • 76% want to refill prescriptions online.
  • 74% want to receive email and text appointment and treatment reminders.
  • 69% want to communicate online with their provider.

With a cloud-based patient engagement platform in our EHR, your patients get all the tools they want and more.

What is patient engagement?

Patient engagement means empowering patients with the knowledge, skills, confidence, and willingness to make the best decisions about their health.

Multiple studies in the United States and around the world demonstrate that high patient engagement leads to better health outcomes and lower costs for health care providers. Experts find that good patient engagement increases patient treatment adherence, lowers the need for treatment, and reduces healthcare costs by over 20%.

Significantly improved health outcomes coupled with lowered costs has led some experts to dub patient engagement as “the blockbuster drug of the 21st century.5

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Manage your online presence and get new patients

Patients can search for and book appointments online using your Patient Fusion doctor profile page and schedule. Patient appointment reminders mean fewer missed appointments, less time on the phone, and increased practice efficiency.

  • Online profiles let patients find you online and book appointments
  • Automatic appointment reminders emailed to your patients means fewer no-shows and more take-home revenue for your practice.

Have patients complete intake forms before the appointment with Online Check-In

With Practice Fusion’s Online Check-In, patients fill out customizable intake forms online that automatically flow into their chart note — no need for manual entry.

  • The intake forms for Online Check-In are easy to create and 100% customizable for your practice.
  • Demographic and insurance information (or self pay) is automatically reconciled and all other responses flow directly into the encounter note.
  • Your patients save time by not having to complete paper forms in your waiting room, while your staff saves time by not having to scan or manually enter information into their EHR.
  • Not only will you have all relevant health information before an appointment, patients can take the time at home to ensure what they are reporting is accurate and comprehensive.



Our secure, cloud-based EHR helps you communicate with patients from anywhere

Instant communication is a key feature of our EHR that gives both parties peace of mind. Your patients can ask candid, non-urgent questions and the conversation is automatically documented. These conversations can open up new insights about your patients’ lives, helping you deliver more personalized care.

  • Share results electronically. Instantly share lab results, medications, diagnoses, care plans, immunization history, and more.
  • Refill prescriptions instantly. Fulfill prescription refill requests with two clicks
  • Exchange secure messages with your patients. Secure, HIPAA-compliant messaging reduces phone calls and ensures sensitive clinical conversations stay confidential.

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