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Practice Fusion · Mar 26, 2015

New feature available: Reminder tasks

As part of our commitment to delivering the features you request more quickly, we’re excited to announce that you can now create custom reminder tasks in your EHR.

Custom reminders replace the need for sticky notes or paper slips—which are easily lost—allowing you to stay organized, spend more time with patients, and less time keeping track of your to-do list. When tasks are completed, they are viewable by the practice so you’re never out of the loop and always know how efficiently your practice is running.

Custom reminder tasks provide:

  • Freedom to replicate and enhance your current paper workflows
  • Streamlined task-assignment and task-completion tracking
  • More robust patient charting with all relevant notes available electronically

Stay more organized, spend more meaningful time with patients and never lose a request, task, reminder, or sticky note again.

To start using custom reminder tasks, click the orange “New task” button in the Tasks section of your EHR. Your task type will automatically default to a reminder. From here you can type your note, assign your reminder, attach it to a patient, and set the due date.

For a detailed walk-through on how to use this feature, click here.