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Contributing Writer · Nov 28, 2011

Provide Patient Specific Education Resources for Meaningful Use

One of the simplest Meaningful Use menu criteria to achieve is providing patient-specific education resources to more than 10% of patients who visit your office during your reporting period. As you near the end of your reporting period, now is the time to evaluate how you are performing and take actions to ensure that you exceed the 10% requirement.

Step 1: Check your progress
You can quickly and easily view your progress to date by navigating to the Meaningful Use Dashboard and scrolling down to the menu items. Find “Provide patient-specific education” and note your current progress.

Remember, you need to be above 10%. If you are meeting this requirement, keep up the good work and check your progress regularly to make sure you stay on track. If you aren’t above 10%, move on to the next step.

Step 2: Get ahead now
If you are under the 10% threshold, you can still get ahead. I recommend the following two actions:

Get caught up
You can quickly and easily run a chart notes report to see which patients have had an appointment during your reporting period and then send a small portion of these patients education resources. Select patients who have recently had an appointment.


Select 10-20% of these patients to mail resources. To create the resources and have it counted by Practice Fusion, enter a patient charts and click either on Dx History or Rx List. Select any recent diagnosis or prescription, click the patient education button and print out the contents. You should mail these contents to your patients.

Stay on track

Once you have caught up per the instructions above, you need to ensure that you continue to provide education resources to your patients. Follow the instructions in the video below to learn how to integrate providing patient education resources in to your clinical or administrative work flow.

Don’t wait until the end of your Meaningful Use reporting period to meet this requirement. It best to tackle this now and ensure that you are on track to receive up to $18,000 this year for Medicare Meaningful Use.

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