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Video: How EHR adoption has helped the Carter Clinic spend more time with their patients

“When I think about where we are today at the Carter Clinic, it’s hard for me to imagine us functioning as well as we are without Practice Fusion.” — Ojinga Harrison, MD, President and Medical Director, The Carter Clinic

The Carter Clinic, a behavioral health clinic group in Raleigh, North Carolina, adopted the Practice Fusion EHR to run their practices more efficiently. Treating children and adolescent behavioral health problems, mental illness, dementia, and substance abuse disorders, the Carter Clinic needed an EHR that included electronic prescribing of controlled substances, easy document uploading, and the flexibility to provide telehealth services.

Adopting an EHR can help behavioral health practices with their day-to-day tasks, such as scheduling, patient charting, and documentation. Practice Fusion EHR is designed for independent practices, so you can focus on what matters most — caring for your patients.

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