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Event Associated with an Encounter

Field Name Data type Field Description
PatientPracticeGuid Guid Unique identifier representing a patient
EncounterGuid Guid Unique identifier of the encounter associated with this event
EncounterEventGuid Guid Unique identifier of this encounter event
DueDateTimeUtc DateTime? UTC date and time when Encounter event is Due
StartDateTimeUtc DateTime? UTC date and time when Encounter event started
EndDateTimeUtc DateTime? UTC date and time when Encounter event ends
IsNegated Boolean Determines whether Encounter Event is Negated
ResultValue String Result value of Encounter Event
EventComments String Comments provided for Encounter Event
EventName String Name of Encounter Event
EventDescription String Description of Encounter Event
DisplayOption String Option which determines how Encounter Event displays in EHR
EventCategory String Category of Encounter Event
Status String Status of Encounter Event
StatusDescription String Description of Status of Encounter Event
EventReasonCodeSystem String System used for Event Reason Code
EventReasonCode String Encounter Event Reason Code
EventReasonName String Encounter Event Reason
EventReasonIsNegated Boolean? Determines whether Event Reason is negated
EventResultCodeSystem String System used for Event Result Code
EventResultCode String Event Result Code
EventResultName String Event Result
EventResultDescription String Description of Event Result
MeasurementPrecondition String Precondition of Event measurement
MeasurementSite String Physical site of Event measurement
VitalSignCode String Vital Sign
CausedByEncounterEventGuid Guid? Unique identifier of Encounter Event that caused this event
ClinicalWorksheetGuid Guid? Unique identifier of Clinical Worksheet associated with this Event
SpecificEventState String Status of this Event
LastModifiedByProfileGuid Guid Unique identifier representing the profile who last modified this record
LastModifiedDateTimeUtc DateTime? UTC Date and time when the record was last modified