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Appointment data for a patient

Field Name Data type Field Description
PatientPracticeGuid Guid Unique identifier representing a patient
AppointmentGuid Guid Unique identifier representing the appointment
ProviderGuid Guid Unique identifier for the provider with whom the appointment was scheduled
FacilityGuid Guid Unique identifier for the facility where the appointment is scheduled
StartDateTime DateTime? Facility local start date and time of the appointment
EndDateTime DateTime? Facility local end date and time of the appointment
NoShowOrCancellationReason String Reason for no-show or cancellation of the appointment
ChiefComplaint String Chief complaint associated with the appointment
AppointmentType String Type of the appointment
AppointmentStatus String Latest status of the appointment
RoomLocation String Room location of the patient (if associated)
EncounterGuid Guid? Unique identifier of the encounter associated with the appointment
LastModifiedByProviderGuid Guid? Unique identifier representing the provider that last updated this record
LastModifiedDateTimeUtc DateTime UTC date and time when the last update was performed