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Field Name Data type Field Description
PatientPracticeGuid Guid Unique identifier representing a patient
PrescriptionGuid Guid Unique identifier of this prescription
MedicationGuid Guid Unique identifier of the medication this prescription is for
PrescribingProviderGuid Guid? Unique identifier of this prescribing provider
DestinationTypeCode String Destination for this prescription - PRINT/RECORD/SEND
DateOfService DateField Date of service for the creation of this prescription
EffectiveDate DateField Optional date at which this prescription is effective
PharmacyGuid Guid? Unique identifier of the destination pharmacy
FacilityGuid Guid? Unique identifier of facility creating this prescription
Ndc String National Drug Code for medication
MedicationDisplayName String Medication name with strength and route
TradeName String Trade name of the medication
GenericName String Generic name of the medication
ControlledSubstanceSchedule Int32? Numeric Controlled Substance Schedule corresponding to schedules I, II, III, IV and V
Sig String Instructions for taking this medication
Quantity String Quantity for the patient to take
Dosage String Specific amount in each dose
DaysSupply Int32? Number of days supply prescribed
Route String Administration route for this medication (oral, etc.)
ProductStrength String Strength or potency of the medication as dispensed
NumberOfRefills Int32? Indicates the number of times the medication can be refilled
MaxDailyDose String Maximum quantity that should be taken in a given day
DoseForm String Dose form of this medication (tablet, etc.)
ContainerName String Packaging information on how this medication is sold (box, packet, etc.)
UnitQuantityPerPackage Double? Quantity in each package
UnitQuantityPerContainer Double? Quantity in the overall container
ContainerQuantityPerPackage Int32? Quantity of packages in the overall container
AgentProviderGuid Guid? Unique identifier of the agent provider
SupervisingProviderGuid Guid? Unique identifier of the supervising provider
IsScheduleIIOpioid Boolean Indicator if this medication is a Schedule II opioid
NoteToPractice String Internal note about this prescription
NoteToPharmacy String Note to the pharmacy
AllowSubstitutions Boolean Indicator if generic substitution is allowed
IsCompoundMedication Boolean Indicator that this is a non-standard compound medication
IsDrugMonitoringProgramChecked Boolean Indicator that the provider checked an electronic controlled substance tracking database
RefillAsNeeded Boolean Indicator that the prescription can be refilled as needed (obsolete)
LastModifiedByProviderGuid Guid? Unique identifier of the user who last modified this prescription
LastModifiedDateTimeUtc DateTime UTC date and time when this prescription was last modified.