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Field Name Data type Field Description
PatientInsuranceEligibilityGuid Guid Unique identifier for patient insurance plan eligibility.
PatientInsurancePlanGuid Guid Unique identifier for a patient insurance plan.
IsAccepted Boolean True when insurance plan eligibility is accepted.
RejectReasonDescription String Text description of the reason why insurance plan eligibility was rejected.
FollowUpActionDescription String Text description of a follow up action.
EligibilityBeginDate DateField The date insurance plan eligibility begins.
EligibilityEndDate DateField The date insurance plan eligibility ends.
DeductibleAmount Decimal? Amount insured person pays before coverage begins.
CopayAmount Decimal? Flat fee from insured person at the time of service.
CoinsurancePercentage Decimal? Percentage of medical cost insured person pays after deductible has been met.
OutOfPocketAmount Decimal? Maximum Medical care expenses insurer would be expected to pay.
EligibilityVerificationDateTimeUtc DateTime UTC date and time when the last eligibility verification was performed.
LastModifiedDateTimeUtc DateTime UTC date and time when the last update was performed.