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Diagnoses information of a patient

Field Name Data type Field Description
PatientPracticeGuid Guid Unique identifier representing a patient
Diagnosis String The name of diagnosis that was given to a patient
ICD String International Classification of Diseases
DiagnosisAcuity String Acuity of the Diagnosis e.g. ‘Acute’ or ‘Chronic’
StartDate DateField The start date of diagnosis
StopDate DateField The stop date of diagnosis
Comments String Comments related to a diagnosis
CommentEnteredByProviderGuid Guid? Comments entered by a patient’s provider
CommentEnteredDateTimeUtc DateTime? Date and time a patient’s provider enters a comment
ProvenanceEhrUserGuid Guid? Unique identifier representing of ehr user that last updated this record
ProvenanceDateTimeUtc DateTime? UTC Date and time representing when the record was last update by ehr user
LastModifiedByUserGuid Guid? UTC Date and time when the record was last modified
LastModifiedDateTimeUtc DateTime Unique identifier representing the user or system that last updated this record in the EHR