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Contributing Writer · Jan 5, 2011

LabCorp results in an integrated EHR

One of Practice Fusion’s strengths is self-improvement. You could say that we are slightly obsessed with upgrading the EHR. That’s why this holiday season we decided to have a different kind of Epiphany: structured LabCorp results and appointments.

Instead of navigating snowed-in airports and the in-laws turkey dinner, we broke out the space heaters and spent our silent nights crafting some new EHR features. Eat your hearts out, Santa’s elves.

Our team is thrilled to announce that you can now receive structured lab results from LabCorp, one of the largest labs in the US. New enhancements also include shortcut buttons allowing you to add appointments and patients from anywhere in the application and the EHR Assistant Bar that provides crucial support when you need it most.

LabCorp performs more than one million tests on approximately 400,000 samples each day. Now you can review, sign and manage all your patient’s most critical LabCorp information straight from your Practice Fusion account in a new, dynamic way. Integration is fast. Sign up directly from the Labs section of your account

  • Access past results for all your LabCorp orders within the EHR
  • Quickly identify color-coded out-of-range results
  • Leave comments on lab results
  • Diagnose patients directly from their lab results
  • Set permission levels for viewing and signing labs

More Enhancements
In addition to the structured LabCorp results, this release includes the following updates:

  • EHR Assistant Bar on the right of the screen for instant resources and support
  • On-demand training videos within each EHR feature
  • Shortcut “add patient,” “add appointment” and “find patient” buttons
  • Lab integration sign-up straight from the Labs section
  • Updated test patient information for new accounts

— Happy New Year from Practice Fusion