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Practice Fusion · Oct 22, 2015

Collaborate electronically with patient referrals

Teamwork serves as the cornerstone of any strong healthcare system. As the industry moves toward a more connective model for advanced care management, providers need reliability in transitional care to provide a bridge between clinical settings. Practice Fusion is committed to supporting care management across the continuum, and we’ve developed a new electronic referrals platform to help minimize the gaps in care that can occur with more traditional referral workflows.

Coordinate care with our new electronic referrals

Our improved electronic referrals makes it easier to securely collaborate with any health care professional in the US. Your referrals are HIPAA compliant, accessible from any device, and transmitted electronically for instant delivery.

Send comprehensive patient information

Access to accurate patient information is critical. Refer your patients with their complete medical records to provide a comprehensive view of their care plan to their network. When sending a referral electronically you’re able to digitally attach:

  • Encounter notes
  • Lab and imaging results (PDF)
  • Structured clinical data
  • Continuity of care documents

Refer to any provider in the US

Send patient referrals to any provider in the country — directly from your EHR and without the uncertainty of lost faxes and overlooked communications.

Referring a patient is easy.

  1. Within a patient’s chart or specific encounter, click Actions and select Add referral.
  2. Select one or more providers from your connections list and be sure to include the recipient’s email address.
  3. Select the Referral For field to compose your referral and select your attachments.
  4. Click Send.

Retrieving a referral is even easier.

If you have a Practice Fusion account, log in to your EHR and navigate to Messages to retrieve your referral.

If you don’t have a Practice Fusion account yet but received a referral from someone on our network, follow the link in the email you received to navigate to our platform. Upgrade your account to consolidate your records and log in more quickly for future referrals.

You can also visit our our step-by-step guide or video tutorial for a complete walkthrough on electronic referrals.

Looking for more than referrals?

In addition to our referral tools, over 112,000 health care professionals use our platform for e-prescribing, scheduling, billing integration, and much more. Learn about the EHR features available exclusively to Practice Fusion customers that can help you streamline your clinical workflow.