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Customize your Inbound CCDA display preferences

Practice administrators can now specify which sections they would like to display when receiving inbound CCDAs, as well as the order in which the sections appear, in the EHR settings. Practice members will also have the option to adjust which sections display directly within each CCDA when viewing it. This feature was added to meet certain 2015 Edition EHR Certification requirements. Learn more about inbound CCDA display preferences »

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Better understand your inbound CCDAs with validation error display

When receiving an inbound CCDA, Practice Fusion will parse and display the content in a human-readable format. If there is any data that cannot be displayed in the EHR, you will now receive a validation error at the top of the CCDA window. This feature was also added to meet certain 2015 Edition EHR Certification requirements. Learn more about CCDA error validation »

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Batch CCD export enhancements Previously known as Data portability, the ability to batch export CCD files from the EHR has been renamed Exported batch CCD files and is now accessible in the Reports section of the EHR rather than in Settings. This feature allows Administrators to batch export clinical documents for all patients in the practice simultaneously. This is also where practice members can access previously generated CCD exports, such as previous batch exports for the entire practice or batch exports for a subset of patients generated via the new Patient List Report. The batch CCD export feature update supports our 2015 Edition EHR Certification. Learn more about batch CCDA exports »

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Schedule automated CCD exports for subsets of patients

Practice members now have the ability to run one-time or recurring exports for certain saved Patient List Report queries, such as specific patient populations, on a regular basis. Completed exports will be stored in the Exported batch CCD files section of Reports. This feature update also supports our 2015 Edition EHR Certification. Learn more about scheduling CCD exports »

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Clinical document generation updates

The Export patient record feature within the Actions menu in the patient chart has been renamed Create clinical document. When generating a CCD, providers will no longer have to select either Referral Summary or Clinical Summary and will now be shown a single clinical document type that can be customized. These documents will display as Continuity of Care documents in the patient’s Timeline and can be selected as a referral attachment during the referral workflow. Learn more about individual CCD exports »

Additionally, providers now have the option to generate and attach Referral Note documents directly in the referral workflow. These documents can be used to meet the electronic summary of care requirement for the Health Information Exchange measure workflow for MIPS (Advancing Care Information) and Meaningful Use. These updates support our 2015 Edition EHR Certification. Learn more about generating a referral note document »

Release notes

  • Patient demographics submitted by patients during intake will once again be incorporated into the patient chart when clicking “Update in chart.”

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