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Designate emergency access permissions

The new Emergency Access mode in the Practice Fusion EHR allows practice administrators to securely pre-select practice members, granting them the ability to activate temporary administrator permissions for themselves in the event of an emergency or crisis. Learn more about Emergency Access»

Emergency Access


Quickly identify patients when sending messages

Spend less time searching for patients when composing messages. When searching for a patient, you will now see the patient’s first name, middle initial, last name, date of birth, and sex, helping you identify the correct recipient more efficiently.

Patient Messaging

Identify and report adverse events of special interest in patients on Prolia

As part of Practice Fusion’s partnership with Amgen Inc. (Amgen) to help providers report adverse events of special interest (AESIs) for patients who are taking or have taken Prolia®, you will now be presented with the Safety Program questionnaire upon opening a patient’s encounter if they have an active record of Prolia® treatment in the prior 16 months and you have not completed a questionnaire for the patient in the prior six months.

Prolia Encounter Model

Additionally, you can now record these AESIs directly from a patient’s medication list on the Summary tab or within an encounter. Select Record adverse events of special interest for Prolia® safety below the Prolia® entry to begin completing the questionnaire. Learn more about the Prolia® Safety Program in Practice Fusion »

  • The total count of appointments will accurately display at the bottom of the Appointment report.
  • When querying the Patient list report by smoking status, the value drop-down menu will once again load properly.

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