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Track your progress on the 2017 ACI Transition Measure, Health Information Exchange

Practice Fusion has implemented multiple feature enhancements to help you meet requirements for the 2017 ACI Transition Measure, Health Information Exchange.

First, Summary of care and clinical summary referral attachments are now designed to display a notification to alert providers that the attachment may meet the requirements for a 2017 MIPS Advancing Care Information measure (Health Information Exchange, under the ACI Transition Measure Set) if the appropriate data is included, as defined by CMS. Second, referrals that are sent electronically no longer contain a file size limit on attachments.

Summary Referrals

Third, Practice Fusion has implemented a referral Receipt Confirmed checkbox in the patient Timeline, Messages section, and Referral Report, where EHR users can indicate their reasonable certainty that the receiving provider received the referral and attached summary of care. This checkbox was added to support MIPS Advancing Care Information requirements, defined by CMS. Providers can also retroactively check the box for any historic referrals sent during the 2017 calendar year that they wish to calculate in their numerator for this ACI transition measure. Learn more about 2017 ACI Transition Measure Health Information Exchange »

Referral Receipt Box

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